Friday, October 28, 2016

Murder of Romain Barré syndrome. What role is played by the girlfriend of a suspect? – Ouest-France

The young woman, who appears this morning (Thursday) on the screen of the examining chamber of the court of appeal, the circles under the eyes, but the youthful features. It is held at Nantes, but requires, in the distance, through the video conferencing, its release, before the magistrates of rennes, the parlement of Brittany.

She is the girlfriend of the young adult of 19 years of age who, with a minor 16 years of age, was strangled, on the 28th of September in Nantes, Romain Barré, a real estate agent 38-year-old whose body has, then, been thrown in the Loire. She denies aiding and abetting.

The night of the facts, she would have remained at a distance behind the wheel of a Clio white, while his two friends strangled the real estate agent, who had dozed off at the wheel of his Peugeot 207.

girlfriend of a torturer

The young woman, the eyes filled, said proven by his detention. Original thai, it is known to the police for running away from home. His criminal record is blank. She is said to have given it much thought, wanting to join his parents ‘ home, to 50 km of Nantes, and seeking training in the trade.

she saw the murderers of Romain Barré, who was still breathing, get rid of the body by throwing it in the Loire ? She swears that it is not. The prosecutor’s office in doubt.

” On the wharf shed at the bananas, you were away and it was night “, reports to the general counsel. “therefore, You would not see the two young men exit the body in the trunk of the car and throw it in the water… At the same time, you say you have seen any of them speak to you with a smile and a wink, opening the boot. “

darkness would therefore be evoked when it suits. The floor is categorically opposed to his release. the ” This is the girlfriend of a criminal, a torturer. “, considers the general counsel. “It does not seem to me immoral that follow, including in prison. “

The advocate general has confirmed what seemed out of the latest hearings of the suspects : ” This case odious is of extreme gravity : the body victim of a man was thrown alive into the Loire. “From a scientific point of view, however, there is no evidence yet to confirm it. the ” samples were taken, analyses are in progress, says Olivier Bonhomme, deputy prosecutor of Nantes. The findings could help to know. “

The pre-trial chamber will render its decision Friday to 10 h.


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