Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Police: Holland receives the trade unions, gathering in front of the Assembly – Release

François Hollande receives Wednesday, the police unions, ten days after the beginning of the movement of anger out trade union which continues with a gathering of protesters in front of the national Assembly.

The president meeting at the Elysée and the police unions at 18: 00, and then the national Council of the military function of the force at 19: 30.

For their part, the police protesters, who are also asking to be received by François Hollande, have been given an appointment at 14: 00 in front of the national Assembly.

This is the first rally day in Paris, after night almost daily since the 17 October, on the Champs-Elysees, which had launched the movement, a few days after the violent assault with Molotov cocktails against four police officers in the Essonne. One of them, badly burned, is still hospitalized.

This movement, out of union, without the leader or designated spokesperson, but animated by the collective on social networks or by SMS, has oil stain. Besides Paris, of evening events take place each night in different towns, bringing together a few dozen to a few hundred people, sometimes with firemen, policemen, and also nurses.

It was still the case Tuesday night at Nancy, Rennes, Brest, Toulouse, Béziers (Hérault).

With the head of the State, the unions should demand a “review of the legal framework of the use of weapons” and the “implementation of punishment floor for the attackers to members of the forces of law and order and emergency services”, created under the right, and repealed under president François Hollande.

They also call “the alignment of the repression of outrages upon person agent of the public authority on insults to the magistrates whose sentences are double”.

Overwhelmed by the base, the unions have failed so far to take the hand on the movement of anger of police officers who are claiming more manpower and material resources.

- ‘We want it to pass by the base -

The union representatives have already met with last week, the ministers of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, and Justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas, but “one thing is certain: the government has not agreed”, acknowledged Céline Berthon, the Union of commissioners of the national police (SCPN).

Tuesday, it was in Paris in front of the courthouse with about 150 colleagues, in response to an inter-union, which had called for rallies in front of the courts of France, a little movement tracking.

The call of the unions has brought together 150 police officers in Paris, a hundred in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), and Bordeaux, a quarantine in Lille and Toulouse, thirty to Marseille and Lyon, a fifty to Rennes, Nice, Carcassonne and Saint-Denis (Reunion), twenty at Rouen and Ajaccio, a fortnight in Strasbourg.

The union Unit SGP police FO, who had not joined in this appeal, has preferred to call it a “walk of the wrath of police and citizen”, Wednesday, at noon, from the place de la Republic in Paris but also in nearly 80 cities in France.

The protesters, the movement’s initiators, considered justified by 91% of the French, according to an Ifop poll for the Atlantico, ask, “to be received by François Hollande and Bernard Cazeneuve, without the unions,” explained one of them on Tuesday to the AFP, ensuring that the demonstrations “will continue as long as(they) will not be received.”

“We are the police. That the personalities (political) deal with us and not with the unions, it is we who are in the street, not the unions”, was launched on Tuesday at the megaphone Damien, one of the participants at the event in paris.

“The grumbling is gaining ground and we want it to pass by the base and not by the trade unions”, stated again Monday, the AFP under cover of anonymity, a police officer of the Hauts-de-Seine who was participating in the rallies in the capital.



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