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The “public safety” of the government to calm the sling of police – The World

in Addition to the announcement of the new measures, the ministry of the interior account “watch very closely” the regime of self-defence for the police officers.

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police officers protest in front of the courthouse in Marseille, on October 25.

One year almost to the day after receiving the police unions at the Elysée palace, François Hollande, has reproduced the year, Wednesday, October 26, at the end of the day. The contexts of crisis in which these hearings to the presidential register follow and resemble each other with, as the starting point of the wrath of the forces of law and order, the violent assault of a police officer. This year, he is a deputy of security at Viry-Châtillon (Essonne) ; in 2015, it was a member of a brigade tasked with fighting crime (BAC) during a shootout in Seine-Saint-Denis.

The crisis of 2015 had not given birth to a revolution, but it had led to the signing of a protocol envisaging measures from claims and progress statutory height of several hundred million euros. An envelope that had come on top in the recruitment and blows of thumb budget is already committed by the government.

whenever there is a crisis, its policy response. On Wednesday, the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has unveiled a plan to public safety. Because if the intelligence services or the specialized units have already seen the reinforcements of staff or equipment to arrive, especially after the attacks of 13 November 2015, the police who work on the public roads and in police stations is found more in rest. Yet it is almost half of the 150 000 members of the national police.

Manifestation of police officers, in Paris, on the 24th of October.

police officers complain of ” undue “

The new plan includes the removal of tasks say ” undue “, of which the police hold complain to the envi. The government intends to remove the guards, static of the prefectures, which relate to a quarantine site today, and those of about fifty courts to be replaced by technical devices or of private security. This would free up the equivalent of 221 posts of police officers.

The government also wants to move forward, in agreement with the chancellery, on the medical care of persons in state of intoxication. The goal is that it can be done directly in the police stations, in order to avoid that the police officers had to lead the people to the hospital to obtain a certificate of non-admission before you can place them in a cell sobering up. These are the doctors who should move.

The success of these measures among police officers will greatly depend on their actual implementation. The numbers are already tormented by the missions of transfer of inmates and for the custody of inmates hospitalized, gradually taken over by the prison administration, but which still weighed on their business.

The plan of public security also includes physical measures. The companies departmental intervention should be getting the same reinforcements in equipment than those released to the TRAY after the attacks of 2015 : an assault rifle, helmets, ballistic and bulletproof vests, door-plate. The crews of police aid should, for their part, receive shields and flexible ballistic vests, bullet-proof door-plate. And, as had been announced, Sunday, October 23, Jean-Marc Falcone, the director general of the national police – echoing, in reality, measures are already known, the machine pistol Beretta and the Flash-Ball, must be replaced by new equipment.

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the Reform of the code of criminal procedure

other measures have been announced or released as the installation film anti-break-in on the windows of police vehicles or the deployment of vehicles specific to the maintenance of order in the toughest neighborhoods. An envelope is also provided to finance the work of property maintenance in the stations. The ministry of the interior also wants to put to study is the possibility to decentralize the management of loans granted to the real estate, to ease their use.

The interior minister also recalled that he wanted to allow police officers to be de-identified on some minutes. A possibility after the assassination, the 13th of June in Magnanville (Yvelines), a couple of officials from the ministry of the interior. To achieve this, the government is looking for a “vehicle for legislative change” that he hoped to find by the end of the month of November in order to reform the code of criminal procedure.

This vehicle

This vehicle legislative should also be the occasion to align, as well as the claim of the police unions, the suppression of the outrages to persons agent of the public authority (six months), that of insulting a magistrate (a year).

Finally, it would be possibly the opportunity to change the regime of legitimate self-defence. the ” The police say they are not clear, and we’re going to look at very closely this issue “, ” says a source place Beauvau. Sunday, October 23, the director general of the national police, Jean-Marc Falcone, however, was said ” not in favour “ to a revision of the rules, joined Wednesday by the garde des sceaux, Jean-Jacques Urvoas.

The security plan to the public – amounted to 250 million euros by the ministry of the interior – will be funded in part by the increase of 15 % of the budget already planned in 2017, but would require an extra extension piece.

on Wednesday, before the appointment elysian, police officers have protested in many cities of France, continuing the movement of anger over the past ten days.


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