Monday, October 24, 2016

The migrants have begun to evacuate the Calais “Jungle” – Le Figaro

o The evacuation takes place in the calm

on Monday in the late morning, a dozen cars had left by the Calais jungle filled with migrants to reception centres located throughout the territory.Sixty cars must take this Monday the migrants to one of the 451 Centres of welcome and orientation (CAO) open a little everywhere in France. Forty-five cars are expected on Tuesday, 40 on Wednesday.

” Migrants : Cazeneuve respond to the challenge of relocation

The evacuation is carried out “for the moment in the calm and in control”, commented the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve. “The goal is to proceed to the sheltering of those who fall under the status of refugee in France, and which were not intended to be in the precariousness, the vulnerability to Calais”, he recalled. However, a brief altercation between migrants in the tail, around 11: 30, has failed to degenerate, and the jostling and strife between migrants multiplied.

” How is the evacuation of the Calais “jungle”

o 1250 police officers are mobilized

Some of 1,250 police officers and gendarmes mobilised in Calais to ensure the security of this mégatransfert: avoid the crowd, but also prevent the activists ultraleft of No Border, supporters of the abolition of borders.

o The minors to share

at the entrance of the temporary accommodation Centre (CAP) alongside the “jungle”, several hundred miners were waiting for the departure of migrants major to get a place. They are not affected by the evacuation and will be hosted in CAPE town, made up of containers, and at the centre of Jules Ferry. Hundreds have joined or will join the England legally.

o expected 2000 recalcitrant

Christian Salome, of The auberge des migrants, said he is “much more anxious for the end of the week, when there will be people who do not want to leave and want to continue to reach England.” According to him, the authorities and ngos estimate that 2,000 people are in this case. “There are a number of resistances,” said his side the president of France Terre d’asile, Pierre Henry.

o resistance to local breakdown

The distribution of migrants, as decided by the State, is not without raising some reservations. The prefecture announced that it had begun Saturday discussions to “calm the situation” in Saint-Bauzille of Polecat, a town of 1,800 inhabitants, including the mayor presented his resignation to protest against the arrival of 87 migrants of Calais, of the young unmarried about 200 which must be sent in the Hérault.

A building intended to accommodate a visitor center and orientation (CAO) to Loubeyrat (Puy-de-Dôme) has been the subject of an attempt of arson on the night of Sunday to Monday, a-t-on learned from the prefecture.

An investigation has been opened on this subject.

These villages which is booming against the distribution of the migrants of Calais


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