Monday, October 24, 2016

LIVE. More than 700 migrants have left the “Jungle” of Calais by car – The Express

The government began Monday to evacuate thousands of migrants who live in the “Jungle” of Calais, the largest slum in Europe. The mid-day, 17-bus are parties to one of the 450 reception centres in France. The operation should last throughout the week.

at mid-day, at least 600 migrants have been evacuated from the "Jungle".

mid-day, at least 600 migrants have been evacuated from the “Jungle”.

Christopher Furlong/AFP

migrants arrived this Monday around 6 o’clock at the meeting point set by the authorities for the total evacuation of the Calais “Jungle”, the largest slum of Europe, which lives its last hours. These women and men are presented with suitcases and backpacks in front of the hangar serving as the headquarters of the operation, that is to see 6000 to 8000 migrants be sent by as in specific reception centres during the whole week.

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A dozen vans of CRS and a few trucks carrying equipment left at 5: 45am the hotels of the sea front to take the direction of the operations center.

This huge operation is presented as “humanitarian” by the government. It should allow to finish with this huge slum born 18 months ago and inhabited by refugees, came to most of Afghanistan, the Sudan or Eritrea, who dream to cross the English Channel to win the Great Britain, seen as an el Dorado.


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