Sunday, October 30, 2016

Echirolles : investigation after the death of a maniac shot by the police – The new yorker

The justice must determine if the five police officers who shot and killed a man near Grenoble on Friday were in self-defense. The family of the deceased to denounce a burr.

Bavure or self-defense ? The justice system is given time to settle, continuing the investigation initiated in fragrance for “voluntary homicide” after the death on Friday night in Echirolles, a frenzied 51-year-old, shot several times and killed by police.

Placed in police custody after the incident, five police officers present at the scene of the incident were released Saturday in the early afternoon. A drama that occurs in the midst of a crisis on the resources allocated to the police, where some officials are asking for a redefinition of self-defense.

Friday, to 20 hours, the police officers of the BAC (brigade tasked with fighting crime) and of the section of intervention are called for a problem of neighborhood that degenerates into a residential area of Echirolles, a town close to Grenoble.

When they arrive at the 27 rue Baudelaire, they find themselves in front of a man, visibly drunk and very excited, brandishing a machete in the garden of his house. After you have convinced him to drop his machete, the individual would have, according to the police, ” pulled out a weapon from behind his back “. It was then that the police officers, positioned in a column behind the two shields ballistic, pulled the assault rifle HK G36 and the automatic pistol. The fifty-year-old, hit by several bullets in the chest and head, died on the spot.

The prosecutor in Grenoble, Jean-Yves Coquillat, then decides whether to place in custody the five police officers ” in order to determine with precision the circumstances of the tragedy and to conduct an objective investigation “. The IGPN, the general Inspectorate of the national police, is input.

Jean-Pierre Ferrara, the victim, a father of four children, was a coachbuilder in the Sémitag, the public transport network, grenoble, france. It was not known to the police.

His wife, Coralie, who was not present at the time of the tragedy, denounces a police killing : “For me, this is a big blunder. You realize, it has been affected by at least five bullets ! Then they could have only hurt it. This was not a wicked man. I have never even seen a weapon at home. I’m going to file a complaint for justice to be done. My husband was going to be grand-father. He leaves four children. I’m angry. I want to. I have always been for the police. But then, it was too strong. “

the lawyer for The police officers, Me Arnaud Levy-Soussan, believes, however, that ” self-defence is no doubt “. The weapon aloft by the frenzied is a signal pistol. “If more police officers were shot at the same time, it is that they have all felt the threat was real. In this kind of situation, it is necessary to react very quickly. Otherwise, we are left with the death of a police officer, ” explains Yannick Biancheri, departmental secretary of the union Unit SGP Police-FO. The ballistic tests will be performed. “The results of the survey will be known within a few weeks,” said the prosecutor.


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