Friday, October 28, 2016

Support of the first hour, the deputy PS Terrace ready to let go of Macron for Valls (or even Holland) – LeLab Europe1

This would be a first blow to Emmanuel Macron. Her first experience of betrayal in politics (to him, at least). Support of the first hour of its approach and of its modernity, the deputy PS Pascal Terrace may well let go the founder of power up !.

In an interview with Marianne, Thursday, October 27, the elected socialist explains thathe will not support the former minister of Economics if he is a candidate for the presidential election without going through the box primary of the PS. He said :

It is an error of strategy in planning to run in the presidential election. I support it so as long as he is not a candidate. The day on which he is a candidate, my position may well change. If he is a candidate in the face to François Hollande or Manuel Valls, it is complete for the PS. Emmanuel Macron can make a good score, make a nice campaign as Chevènement in 2002, but it will have no future.

And for good reason, Pascal Terrace directed Emmanuel Macron which, again, does not have a program yet and is not officially a candidate for anything, to participate in the primary organized by the PS. To “show responsibility”, said the mp :

so I ask Emmanuel Macron to be part of the primary. There must be accountability. I advised him to take example on Manuel Valls, which really has the sense of the State.

Like, like, this support from the former minister said of the property of Manuel Valls, which “has the sense of the State”, to HIM. At the point to consider supporting a nomination of the Prime minister rather than one who appears here as his protégé ? It does not say the contrary and says that he is even ready to support François Hollande, if the head of State is a candidate, by loyalty. He continues, answering the question “who do you support for 2017″ :

The candidate of the left reformist and pragmatic. This can be Manuel Valls, which is a true reformer. This may be François Hollande, that I could support out of loyalty, despite his book.

A first caution for Emmanuel Macron, for whom, he says, he keeps ” a true friendship “.


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