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DIRECT. Calais : the dismantling of the camp of migrants continues – Franceinfo

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08h06 : Disturbing surprise for the inhabitants of Echirolles, in the suburb of Grenoble (Isère). While she épluchait of potatoes to prepare his meal, she fell on a grenade in the middle of the tubers ! We will say more in an article.


07h58 : Our reporter Axel Roux is in the company of unaccompanied minors in Calais. For them, night has not been simple.

07h50 : Portugal, and also Greece !

07h49 : Hello, there is a lack Corsica also :-) Thank you

07h49 : More Portugal : due to the Brexit :-)

07h49 : earlier this morning, I asked you why Portugal was missing on the one of Liberation inspired by the saga Asterix. In the comments, some offer a explanation ironic, while others fall under other parts of Europe, have also strangely disappeared.

07h44 : Here are some pictures of the gathering of hundreds of police angry yesterday night in Paris. The movement loses steam in the bottom of divisions between unions.


07h37 : let’s Close this page of football with Ligue 2 : le dauphin, Amiens, has not been able to get rid of the Red Star, the 15th, yesterday at the stadium of the Unicorn (0-0). Brest remains alone in the lead, with 25 points.

0733 hours : Would you have been able to see Neymar in PSG colours this season ? Yes, says L’equipe in a double page this morning. The daily explains that the discussions that took place this summer between the capital club and the entourage of the player have been very advanced. But they would have foundered on the requirements of the father of the player, which called for a salary of $ 25 million per year net of taxes.

07h24 : The second day of the dismantling of the Calais “jungle” begins. Our special envoy, Axel Red, is on-site, as well as other journalists.

07: 15 : overcast, but mild temperatures, the weather leaves a mixed impression. See the temperatures near you in our dedicated section.

in The morning :

afternoon :

07h21 : the “It seemed to me that the news today [yesterday], it was the dismantling of the ‘jungle’ of Calais rather than this funny buzz.”

In the columns of the Figaro, Jean-François Copé considers “pretty pathetic” the controversy caused by his ignorance of the price of a chocolate croissant.

07h01 : More than one in two French is in a situation of overweight, according to a study released this morning by the national Institute of health and medical research. The north of France is most affected. More information in our article.

07h38 : let’s End our tour of the booths by the one of the Voice of The North, obviously dedicated to the dismantling of the Calais “jungle”. Excavators loaded to clear the makeshift camp must take action today.

06: 45 : This is one of the attacks, the deadliest year in the country. At least 58 people died last night in an attack on a police school in the south-west of Pakistan, which has been attributed to an islamist group. More information in our article.

07: 30 : Liberation is inspired by Asterix, to discuss the question of the treaty Aacc, the ratification of which in europe is for the time being blocked by the Wallonia. Bonus Question : if someone understands why Portugal has been erased from the european map of Libe, he did not hesitate to report it in the comments !

06h31 : You like the series The Walking Dead ? You are very, very far to be alone(e). The first episode of the seventh season of the horror series, broadcast on Sunday evening in the United States, has attracted 4.6 million tweets, reports Mashable. A record, outside sporting events or policies.

07h31 : The prix Femina is going to be awarded today, and open the season of literary prizes. But what can you do to take one of these prestigious awards ? Literary Genre to adopt, a theme to address, publishing house to choose, I describe to you all what you need to know in this video.


06h20 : Le Parisien/Aujourd’hui en France spends this morning in a double-page spread to the issue of universal income guaranteed and defended in some leaders on the right as on the left.

07h31 : The battle for Mosul is on the agenda of a meeting of the thirteen ministers of Defence of the coalition held today in Paris. Managers must be the point on the agenda of the attack on this stronghold of the organization of the islamic State, and are not shying away from difficulties. Different scenarios are studied, ranging from the escape of the jihadists to their fierce resistance, says Le Figaro.

06h07 : We start without further delay by a first point on the news :

• #CALAIS The total evacuation of the “jungle” of Calais, a high-risk, has started yesterday in the peace and quiet and on a high rate. More than 2,300 migrants have left the largest slum in France as early as the first day.

• the wrath of The police does not fail. New demonstrations took place last night in several cities of France. The unions are now calling for rallies before the courts to denounce the “laxity” of the justice to the perpetrators of the forces of law and order.

• The strike continues to i-Tele. The management announced yesterday the suspension of the issuance of the facilitator of the controversial Jean-Marc Morandini, but only during the duration of the strike. A rally is planned in the early after-noon, in front of the premises of the string.

• At least 58 people were killed and 118 injured that night during an attack attributed to islamist group against a police school in the south-west of Pakistan.

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