Saturday, October 22, 2016

In Tours, Manuel Valls wants to gather a left almost “sprayed” – The Point

In a context of uncertainty around the candidacy of François Hollande in the presidential election, Manuel Valls delivered on Saturday in front of an audience of about 200 activists at the Towers a message reach out to all of his “political family”. Wielding the threat of a left that is “sprayed” to the presidential election, the Prime minister has resumed her posture of a leader, saying it was “proud” of the balance sheet of government, with a call to the gathering launched to Arnaud Montebourg and Emmanuel Macron. Yet, eight months ago, Manuel Valls had made the observation that cold “positions irreconcilable to the left,” burying a great primary gathering of Jean-Luc Mélenchon to Em manuel Macron.

Saturday, closing out a shift in the Indre-et-Loire, the Prime minister has yet acknowledged “slingshots, refusal”. “I know that the socialists are always there to remind, that there has been failures”, he also launched. But it has also made a strong plea for unity within “the left and assume the responsibilities of power”, under penalty of”to be sprayed, swept away by the current environment, made up of divisions, struggles of egos, of the regulations of the account.”

“Nothing for granted”

“today, my role is to bring together”, has hammered the Prime minister, speaking directly to the four former ministers who resigned that wear for several months a dissenting voice and know how to show virulent, to different degrees, to Manuel Valls. “I demand to’arnaud (Montebourg), Emmanuel (Macron), Benedict (Hamon), Aurélie (Filippetti): what is it that separates us ?”, asked Manuel Valls, while saying “take” the “debate” and “disagreement”. He has preferred to concentrate on the positive. “That is what brings us closer to first? To have governed together in the interest of the country and share of fighting for equality (…) and values, those of the Republic”, he listed, outlining a path to reconciliation.

To give some weight to his message, Manuel Valls, warmly applauded, has highlighted the risk of an absence of the left in the second round of the presidential election. “Nothing is acquired. It is even the opposite, let’s be clear, we are promised,” he tried, calling to “respond now so as not to die tomorrow”, “for not to live with the shame of defeat and humilitation”. Above all, he who suffers from an image clivante, has cared for his profile man of the left, by stating “the offensive” to “ensure” the social model, and by sending a signal to “those who suffer don’t have the right profile, the right codes, the right networks”.

Support for police officers

It has also cracked a tribute to the “police officers, gendarmes, fire brigades”, in a gesture marked easing after five days of protests by police officers. More generally, Manuel Valls praised the merits of “the spine” of France, namely, “the public service” which will be “the great project of the next quinquennium”. He praised “the trade unions in particular who never choose the easy (…) and work tirelessly to compromise smart”. He promised also to “new protections”, such as his proposal for a “universal income”: “a single, merging the minimum, and to guarantee to all French people who need it”, he explained.

The Prime minister has finally sought to defend the balance sheet of the quinquennium, evoking in turn the “re-establishment of the authority of the State”, the creation of 60 000 posts of teachers,” but also the “decline” claimed unemployment or the increase of purchasing power for “almost 500 000 retirees.” Without neglecting to recognize on several occasions “mistakes”, as in the introduction of the law Work. An extensive exercise of consensus that drew more sharply the profile of use of the left while François Hollande is going through a difficult period of turbulence since the publication of the book “A president should not say that.” “You know me, with my character, my qualities, my faults, my freedom of tone”, has pointed out, smile, Manuel Valls. “I was sometimes a whistleblower, ( … ). But I have always respected my political family, I have never disowned her,” he recalled, so lemn.


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