Sunday, October 30, 2016

Abduction of Jacqueline Veyrac: “A well thought-out project for several months” – The Express

The prosecutor of the Republic of Nice was confirmed on Sunday at a press conference that seven people had been brought before the court within the framework of the investigation into the abduction of Jacqueline Veyrac. Six indictments have been required for removal.

The magistrate has indicated that among the persons referred to, some have “an eminent responsibility in what happened”. Jean-Michel Priest has, however, stated that “the investigation was not yet complete” and that”he “was still of the people to recover”.

Six individuals suspected of being involved in the kidnapping have been presented before two magistrates “for acts that are qualified as kidnapping, unlawful confinement,” said the magistrate, adding that”in view of the circumstances,” some of the suspects “may incur criminal imprisonment for life”.

A well thought-out project several months in advance

“We can’t talk about nickel plated feet. These people wanted to go to the end of their approach. It was a project thought for several months”, for its part, said the divisional Commissioner. “Some have admitted their involvement, others have denied the facts”, he added.

Rich owner of a palace five stars at Cannes, Jacqueline Veyrac had been kidnapped earlier this week in Nice, and then recovered 48 hours later, safe and sound, by a local resident.

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Giuseppe S., restaurateur, Italian, sponsor, alleged

the One who is the main sponsor presumed in the eyes of the investigators is a restaurateur and Italian native of Turin, Giuseppe S., who would have acted with vengeance.

“Any reason to believe that it is the sponsor of this action,” said the divisional Commissioner during the press conference that was held this Sunday.

Between 2007 and 2009, it had taken on lease The restaurant la Reserve in Nice, property of the family Veyrac, but the failure had been resounding, and the company placed into liquidation at the end of two years.

“He would have had the intention of asking for a sizeable ransom to recover the money he had invested at the time, it was Jacqueline Veyrac responsible”, told AFP a source close to the investigation.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Nice, for his part, confirmed that there was this investigation “of the elements of psychological, relational”, considering that the investigations “will be critical to help explain how it is possible to come to ends the same.”

An ex-paparazzi and one ex-police officer

A former newspaper photographer turned mills, Luke G., nicknamed Tintin, also in custody, is said to have played an operational role in the kidnapping by placing tags under the vehicle of Ms. Veyrac to track its movements.

According to the daily newspaper Nice-Matin, the paparazzi had been sentenced in 2005 to four months in prison with suspended sentence and 3000 euros fine for stolen shots of princess Caroline of Monaco in 1996.

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A former police officer-turned-detective, is also part of the people heard, which will be referred to the council. He would not have participated in the abduction, but he could have been running after, which could get him sued for non-denunciation of a crime or non-assistance to person in danger.

A chef in the Finnish out of the question

The casting for the least motley also has a British, living HOMELESS in a tent on the promenade des Anglais. “It is a knowledge of Giuseppe” who would have been recruited to monitor the comings and goings of the rich hotel, says the source close to the investigation.

On the other hand, Jouni T., chef Finnish, associate of Giuseppe S. to The Reserve, has been exonerated and released. This conductor, installed for a long time in the nice region, has been awarded a macaroon in the Michelin guide in 2006, whereas it was the kitchen of The Workshop of Taste, a restaurant mounted, already, with Giuseppe S., with whom he had remained in the relationship since.


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