Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sarkozy and the “rednecks” : the AFP apologised to the former president – The Point

This is the epilogue of a storm of controversy, which will sink in a few days, a lot of ink and even more tweets… on The 21st of October last, in an article presented as a scoop, Obs reported a small phrase attributed to Nicolas Sarkozy : “My electorate is popular, they are slobs. “A few weeks of the primary right to which he / she participates as a candidate, the former head of the State thus committed the imprudence to insult his own voters before an audience of journalists, gathered on the 18th of October, on the occasion of a lunch hosted by the Agence France-Presse (AFP). Too good to be true ? Excitement in the ranks of the anti-Sarkozy, enraged in his surroundings, the person concerned and his f amily and friends belie sharply while the lawyer of the former president, Me Thierry Herzog, announces the filing of a complaint against (Obs), but also against the AFP.

But the case of “idiot” is not going to last long. In a letter to the weekly magazine Paris Match claims to have been able to consult, the president of AFP, Emmanuel Hoog, apologizes “personal and professional” to Nicolas Sarkozy. In essence, he regretted that the remarks made by the former head of the State at a luncheon, placed unambiguously under the rule of ” off “, have not only been reported (in violation of that rule), but also denatured by Obs. “About poorly reported and taken out of context could create confusion and misinterpretation,” he wrote. Contradiction ! The original version would be-it so another little phrase that has been circulating on the social networks : “I know that you think my voters are rednecks. “The most plausible may be…


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