Thursday, October 27, 2016

Case Jacqueline Veyrac to Nice : the seven guards in sight, her saviour testifies that The Parisian

Sept individuals were placed in custody, Thursday, in Nice, in the investigation into the abduction of Jacqueline Veyrac, owner of a large luxury hotel on the Côte d’azur, found safe and sound after 48 hours of confinement.

“there are seven persons in custody, people from the region, some people may not have nothing to see and come out,” said this source, indicating that among these individuals is a photographer specializing in pictures of stars, “a paparazzi”, an information revealed by Le Parisien, in its edition of Thursday.

The survey is geographically restricted to the Côte d’azur. “There are a lot of assumptions, no door is closed to understand what could push these people to remove this lady to get the money”, according to this source.

The photographer arrested, nicknamed Tintin, was reportedly used by the kidnappers to take into spinning Jacqueline Veyrac before its removal, and to establish his schedule. The prosecutor of the Republic, Jean-Michel, Priest, spoke of a kidnapping “, perfectly organized and planned beforehand”.

” She hollered “help! I was abducted “

Removed Monday, Jacqueline Veyrac was released Wednesday, with the curiosity of a neighbor to the place where it was parked the Kangoo white used in the abduction. “She screamed, “help! I have been removed. It’s been two days that I’m in the car, help me !” “Jean-Charles Marquès, Nice of 47 years, the waterfront that has discovered the seventy-year-old tied to the back of the utility vehicle, Wednesday, noon, testifies on the website of Nice-Matin

“The chance is that the license plate will be detached !”, says Jean-Charles Marquès. Stopped by this detail, he approached the vehicle parked near his home “to take a photo and alert police. It was there that I saw someone moving in the car. And it was the lady.” It salutes the courage of the business woman of 76 years old. “It is a woman, very sturdy. In his head and physically”, he explains.

The investigators have interviewed the ex-hostage and are trying to find out who took care of her during her confinement. Jacqueline Veyrac was lying on the floor of the vehicle and hampered when it was found.

“We are at the end of a drama, but the case continues”, pointed out Wednesday night, Jean-Michel, Priest, referring to “a police investigation which took considerable magnitude with technical means which should bring results very soon”. “There is something that still remains very personal relationship with the victim, it remains the strong hypothesis”, he said, excluding a one-kidnapping for ransom as it may exist in eastern Europe or in Latin America.

Jacqueline Veyrac, 76 years old, is with his son at the head of the Grand Hotel of Cannes, a luxury hotel on the Croisette, and the famous restaurant in Nice, La Reserve. She had already failed to be removed in the same manner near her home in 2013.

Described as a united family Veyrac has never made a display of its impressive heritage, became the source of tensions and conflict around the legacy since the death in 2002 of Gerard Veyrac father.

VIDEO. The lawyer in Me Jacqueline Veyrac is expressed, after his release

Master es jonquet after the release of…nice-matin


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