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Police : Holland is going to get the unions on Friday – The Point

Nearly 500 police officers gathered in the night from Thursday to Friday place du Trocadéro in Paris before leaving in procession wild to the Champs-Élysées to continue to express their dissatisfaction, twelve days after the attack against police officers in Viry-Châtillon. The event officers, all in civilian clothes, some wearing a cuff or a scarf hiding part of their face, was taking place in the calm near the Eiffel tower. The demonstrators chanted several times the Marseillaise and chanted ” Police anger “, ” Cazeneuve, resignation “, ” Falcone resignation “, the name of the director-general of the national police (DGPN), Jean-Marc Falcone, before taking the direction of the Champs-Elysées by walking on the floor. Some waved placards on which one could read : “fed up to take full gob “, ” fed “or even” support our injured colleagues “. A small number of people, with posters demanding “the truth” to loved ones, the victims themselves of police violence, was quickly discarded by the forces of law and order.

weekly Demonstration in front of the courts

François Hollande is expected to receive the police unions on this Friday afternoon. “It is very important that we can give a perspective and an immediate response, and so that the police know that the government and the president of the Republic are in a process of dialogue,” said the president of the Republic at a press point at the end of the first day of an eu summit in Brussels. “I know that there is this malaise that is deep, that is besides for a long time for our police officers and constables. “He praised the” remarkable work “of the police, subject to” considerable pressure ” in their work of vigilance against the terrorist threat, or even solicited for events. “What happened in the Essonne is in all respects intolerable because police officers have been attacked and could be killed, it was without doubt the intention of those who are taken to these forces of order,” he complained, referring to the general R 21; terms (of work) more and more difficult, with a violence that is there “. “We have created effective,” repeated the president, ensuring not to want to “enter into the controversy which would not have any interest in the job cuts,” which were recorded ” before (s)election “.

Jean-Marce Falcone said Friday that he would make proposals to Bernard Cazeneuve, on the material means ” next week “. “The minister of the Interior has asked me expressly to implement and to make proposals in the course of the next week on a plan says public safety. Now, it is necessary that one passes to a phase to better equip, re-equip, provide more resources ” to the police units of public security, said the director general of the national police (DGPN) on Europe 1. In a press release, several police unions call for ” vigils in front of the palais de justice every Tuesday from 13 hours to 13 h 30 how to claim including the revision of the rules of self-defence, announced on Friday that the intersyndicale. “Respectful of the legitimate exasperation of our colleagues of any rank, we prefer to devote our energies to the removal of barriers that impede the action of our colleagues “, says the inter-union which does not want to join the c all for demonstrations on October 26, launched by Unit-Police SGP-FO. It comprises, in particular, Alliance (first union peacekeepers), Synergie Officers, the Unsa or the Union of commissioners of the national police (SCPN).

The gatherings in front of the palace of justice are, therefore, according to the organizations to apply for the revision of the legal framework of the use of weapons “, the ” implementation of punishment floor for the attackers to members of the forces of law and order and emergency services “, created under the right, and repealed under president François Hollande. The intersyndicale also calls for ” the alignment of the repression of outrages upon person agent of the public authority on the humiliation for the magistrate, whose sentences are double “.

A “march of anger” scheduled

The movement is gaining momentum. Gatherings similar also took place in the suburbs of paris in front of the police stations in Evry (80 protesters, according to a source of association) or in Bobigny (a hundred protesters). After several nights of protests and before a “march of anger” next week, the government tried to appease the revolt of police officers. From Frankfurt, where he was on the move, the Prime minister Manuel Valls has urged Thursday the police to “continue the dialogue” started with the government. On Wednesday, the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve had promised the police unions, themselves overwhelmed by their base, that a consultation would be launched as soon as Monday in the departments, in addition to a plan to ” public safety “, which is planned in November. The minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas, himself, promised “the utmost firmness” against those who attack police officers. The growling, whi ch has made spot oil since Monday with rallies in several French cities, including Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nancy, Toulon, Nice or Marseille, following a violent attack at Molotov cocktail in a police vehicle in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne), on 8 October. During this assault, a deputy of safety of 28-year-old has been very badly burned. He is still hospitalized, plunged into a medically induced coma, but is not under respiratory assistance. His colleague, a keeper of the peace for 39 years, also seriously affected, has left the hospital Tuesday evening.


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