Alexandre Jardin and David Pujadas “Emission policy” on October 20, 2016. – Screenshot France 2

Evening olé for Bruno Le Maire, that took a milk carton, to the figure by the writer Alexandre Jardin on Thursday evening on France 2. The candidate of the primary right, as a guest of The ” Emission policy “, was the face of the writer who has founded the citizen movement Blue and White Zebra, and promoter of ” The house of the citizens “.

Took a anger any media, Alexandre Jardin and shouted the divide between the elite and the people. Claiming “to be typed” 1.012 program pages of Bruno Le Maire, the writer has balanced a milk carton. Because… this is what would be roughly the same weight as the program of the candidate. (20 Minutes was not weighed, we are waiting for your calculations in the comments)

” The France that exists, she wants to count, she has nothing more to fuck an elite to write 1.012 pages to think of his place. You wrote a brick, I brings another. (…) It is the citizens that make up the solutions, ” thundered Alexander Garden.

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Response to the sender: “I do not visit the French, I go to their meeting. You are a French citizen, I am a French citizen (…) do not insult my approach”, has launched a Bruno The Mayor ascended.

This is the second time stretched to Bruno The Mayor this evening. The first clash took place with Ghislaine Joachim-Arnaud, a trade unionist CGT to Martinique, which was estimated to be about his program on the unions : “it is the wee cat ! “

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