Thursday, October 27, 2016

VIDEO. Nice : fantastic epilogue of the kidnapping of Jacqueline Veyrac – The Parisian

The release Wednesday of the owner of the palace in cannes, abducted Monday in Nice, lifts the veil on an incredible scenario.

Quarante-eight hours tied up on the floor of a van. This is the treatment that has been provided to Jacqueline Veyrac, abducted in the middle of the street in Nice Monday afternoon and found Wednesday, shortly before 13 o’clock, in a secluded neighborhood of Nice. It is a waterfront, alerted by a license plate taken down and leaving another plate underneath, which took a look in the vehicle. At the rear, he saw this woman hindered her, and he opened the door. Shocked, Jacqueline Veyrac, 76 years old, has shown incredible composure and was even able to communicate information specific to investigators. The business woman safe and sound, the police were then able to trigger a series of stops that give a little better the contours of this case is fantastic.

Jacqueline Veyrac followed before his abduction. As of Monday afternoon, investigators were certain that the seventy-year-old was the subject of a spinning enough thrust on the part of his captors before they move to action. Several elements of the police technical and scientific put on a first track. Important methods of surveillance and eavesdropping are put in place.

” You have problems, you will have to pay “. Two hours after the abduction, the son of Jacqueline Veyrac receives a call from the mobile of his mother. He won. His questioner says that he does not speak French, but he expresses himself in English very poor bill. “You have problems, you will have to pay “, he said. The son insists to speak to his mother. The offender refused for the first time and then hangs up. There will be no other contacts. At that moment, the investigators are unaware of where Mme Veyrac, even if a track takes them very close to the Italian border at Menton.

millions coveted. In 2000, Jacqueline Veyrac inherits a fortune after the death of her husband. The Grand Hotel on the Croisette, the elegant restaurant la Reserve in Nice and other real estate. Sharing with his sons and his two daughters, is complicated. The proof, today, sixteen years later, the estate is not settled : “After a difficult period, there has been a provisional agreement of distribution, a convention of estate partial. This agreement is the subject of an action of nullity requested by one of the parties, ” confirmed the prosecutor of Nice, Jean-Michel Priest. The family conflict is a track followed by investigators in the first hours, but they will soon be interested in another, it is also tied to the attractive real estate holdings of the family Veyrac.

A missed appointment. By examining the agenda of Jacqueline Veyrac to the day of Monday, investigators realize that she had an important appointment regarding the sale of the Grand Hotel on la Croisette. A transaction with a large hotel group who seemed to be finalized after months of negotiations and other attempts failed. A “coincidence” that has now resulted in the police to focus their investigations on the palace as a possible motive of the abduction.

” Tintin ” in police custody. Photographer, paparazzi, this forty-something woman who has spent most of his life chasing the stars was arrested yesterday afternoon. He is suspected of having participated in the surveillance of Jacqueline Veyrac before its removal and the police pistaient for several hours. It seems to have been in contact with other men of the team of captors, five of which have also been arrested yesterday. A duo was arrested a few minutes after the discovery of Jacqueline Veyrac, so that their car had been seen to start off in the small street where it was parked the ” van-prison.”

The kidnappers were, it seems, neither the profile nor the professionalism of the great rogue. Now all that remains is to determine with precision who has operated and why the owner of a palace experienced two days of ordeal in a Renault Kangoo.

VIDEO Nice-Matin. Master es jonquet after the release of Jacqueline Veyrac

Master es jonquet after the release of…nice-matin


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