Monday, October 31, 2016

Holland falls to the socialists, Valls to the higher – Europe1

The confidence rating of president François Hollande remains stable at a very low level, but dropped by 11 points among supporters of the socialists, for the benefit of Manuel Valls, sharply rising, according to a poll by Harris Interactive published on Monday.

Valls to Hollande in the left. With 18% (=) of the confidence of all, the French head of State has temporarily halted its descent started in the beginning of the year, but 81% of the respondents continue not to trust him. The rating of François Hollande, down considerably from close to the PS, to 52% (-11), after the publication of a book of interviews of the head of State with two journalists, A president should not say it, according to the survey for the site, Crimes of Opinion. The situation has to be Manuel Valls, who wins five points in a month to 27 per cent from the whole of the French. The Prime minister is making progress in particular with the relatives of the PS, which are 63% (+7) to trust him. Supporters socialists are now more likely to trust Manuel Valls to Hollande.

Juppé far ahead of Sarkozy. Alain Juppe also remains the highest ranking political figures, with 46% (=) of favourable opinions, far ahead of Nicolas Sarkozy, who loses two points to 22%. With 73% (+2) confidence from the only close to the Republicans, the mayor of Bordeaux is ahead now the former head of State, ten points (63%, -7) in that slice of the electorate. However, the survey does not focus on the primary right of November itself. Emmanuel Macron (36%), Bruno Le Maire (31%) and François Bayrou (31%) each win a point, François Fillon two to 30%. Marine Le Pen and Arnaud Montebourg rose two points to 25%, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is stable at 23%.


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