Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Valls avoids to say that Holland is the natural candidate of the PS for 2017 – The Figaro

about THE SCAN POLICY – The prime minister believes that the president still needs to “give a meaning to a new application and a new quinquennium”.

Despite his denials official, the head of government seems well in the starting blocks for take, off the cuff, the relay of François Hollande, still very low in the polls, if the latter was not going to stand for the presidential election of 2017. A game of delicate balancing, while the representatives of the government pride themselves, this Wednesday, to have finally obtained the famous “inversion of the unemployment curve” as the president of the Republic had asked prior to any new application. Asked on France Inter on Wednesday, the head of government ahead of subtly his pawns, while showing a continuing loyalty to the tenant of the Elysée palace to offend a person in the majority.

“I want to say my pride of what has been undertaken and the fact that unemployment is down,” says the prime minister, while a drop of 66,000 unemployed people has been announced for the month of September last. “The balance will count, the French are going to be able to judge and compare with what is offered by the opposition, wants to believe Manuel Valls, who sees this as a good reason to be hopeful: “I want to defend this record, I’m proud of it. I hear around me in the parliamentary (…) the socialists, the French, the resignation, a form of despair, despondency, and sometimes even shame. A tax deduction looms on the set of the left, while the right holds its primary with a program especially hard (…) and then there’s the national Front at the gates of power,” says the former mayor of Evry. “Me, I want to bring another message. A message of pride on the action that is ours since 2012. There are reasons to get out of th is sinistrose”, he says.

“This pride around the figure (unemployment, ed) needs to give hope. I am convinced that we can tomorrow represent a hope for the hope, against all predictions”. This inversion of the unemployment curve finally obtained, according to him, one might think François Hollande is again in the running as the natural candidate of the left government for 2017. But Manuel Valls is not said clearly, so that other PS, such as Claude Bartolone, the president of the Assembly, say openly that there is a “problem of embodiment” in the nomination Hollande for 2017. “It’s all I hear. But you think that I will add with my comments? This is a decision that intimate, it must take account of the situation. It must give a sense of a new application and a new five-year term“, argues Manuel Valls. “The report to the chief and to the authority has been questioned. The company is in need of incarnation, of authority. You need a reference. At comm une level, there is the mayor, in the country there is the president”, he admits however.

Asked about his own ambitions, Manuel Valls prefers to display a posture of loyalty, a way to stand out from other contenders from the ranks of government: Emmanuel Macron, Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon. “Each of us must speak and act according to two imperatives: according to the interests of France and of the gathering of the left”, writes the former tenant of the place Beauvau. “The left, if she starts to say that must be rejected, it can only be wrong. Our collective responsibility is to think and find the right solution“. A way to make people understand that for him, the question is less clear-cut than it seems.

“The exercise of power, it is the respect for privacy and secrecy. What a prime minister has to say to a president, it is not said on an antenna, but directly”

“the role of The prime minister is very different from that of the other”, gives details of-t-he to expose his conception of loyalty. “In these times perilous to the left, under threat of dispersion, spray, it can get out of the story. Each must act in its place (…) loyalty is the level of dedication, regardless of our position. Dedication to the president to the left, and France. I am more than ever the servant of the State and in the face of the fractures in French society (…) We need to be at the height”, pounds still the tenant of Matignon. When asked about the book-confession A president should not say it, the head of the government has all the same slipped a picnic subtle to François Hollande: “I have a deep respect for the president of the Republic. What I have to say to the president, I told him directly. Because the exercise of power, it is the respect for privacy, respect for the secret. What a prime minister has to say t o a president, it is not said on an antenna, but directly,” says Manuel Valls. What understand as the book, which disrupts the camp Dutch was not very well received in Valls.

Valls has nice position to be heir of Holland, which is available if the latter were to renounce, is that two members of the executive, displayed both a net handicap in the polls. According to a poll by Kantar Sofres published on Wednesday in Le Figaro, neither the one nor the other fails to exceed 13% of voting intentions in the first round, overwhelmed to the left by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Emmanuel Macron.


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