Saturday, October 22, 2016

Grumbling police: unions and government are trying to retake control of the – Obs

Paris (AFP) – Calls to rassemblementsdevant the palace of justice, meeting next week with François Hollande: the police unions are trying to retake control of the movement of growling that has overwhelmed and put the government on the defensive.

After several nights of protests, involving hundreds of agents in Paris, in the suburbs and in the provinces, the police have obtained wages which, however, failed to ease the anger, two weeks after the attack with Molotov cocktails that injured four of their colleagues at Viry-Châtillon (Essonne), including one, severely burned, is still hospitalized.

The investigation into the attack was entrusted to two judges in the framework of a criminal investigation for “attempted murder on the people agents of the public authority, committed by organized group” and “participation in a criminal association for the preparation of a crime”.

About 200 police officers protested on Friday at mid-day in Lille in front of the prefecture, for the first time since the beginning of the movement of anger. In Marseilles, they were again over 100 in the day, or even 150 at Grenoble

For the fifth evening in a row in Paris, after the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysées in particular, a few hundred police officers gathered on the parvis de Notre-Dame. “Stop the political figure one wants to be staff”, “Police angry, citizens united”, have particular emphasis to the officials.

After you have rallied the town hall, the procession walked down the rue de Rivoli in the opposite direction, among the cars, shouting, “Citizens with us!” found an AFP journalist. The event took an end around 01: 00 in the morning.

other gatherings in the evening were held in Marseille and Calais.

“You ask ways, we will give. You ask for support, it is granted,” assured the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve in a letter sent Friday to the police, claiming to measure the conditions “trying” in which they work.

Overwhelmed by their base, the unions must meet with François Hollande “in the beginning of the week,” announced the president of the Republic.

An intersyndicale called “vigils in front of the palace of justice” every Tuesday from 13: 00 to 13: 30. It asks for a relaxation of the rules of self-defense and the “implementation of punishment floor for the attackers to members of the forces of law and order and emergency services”, created under the right, and repealed under president François Hollande.

Signs of tension between unions, the intersyndicale will not participate in the “march of the angry citizen,” scheduled for Wednesday by another organization, Unit-Police SGP-FO (second union peacekeepers).

- ‘Lack of information’ -

Thursday, the minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas, who is accused by the Union of the Judiciary to be the “minister of police” promised “the utmost firmness” to the aggressors and refused to reinstate the punishment floor. Critics of the police officers against justice are of a “lack of information”, said Mr Urvoas, who is committed to informing them of the judicial outcome of their investigations.

The day before, Bernard Cazeneuve had announced the launch in November of a plan to “public safety” and consultations as soon as Monday in each department to determine needs. The conclusions of these consultations must be submitted in December for immediate implementation as soon as 2017″.

on Friday morning, the boss of the police, Jean-Marc Falcone said that he would make proposals “next week” to Bernard Cazeneuve, in view of the launch in November of a plan to “public safety”. A comprehensive plan means additional equipment (assault rifles, cars, bullet-proof vests) had been decided in the wake of the bombings of 2015, but they have mainly benefited the specialist units.

Asked about possible sanctions against police officers who are demonstrating, Mr. Falcone responded that the general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN) would have an “educational role (…) to tell these officials that we understand their anger, their distress, their emotions.”

the One who had been booed by some 400 police officers Tuesday evening at Evry (Essonne), is not planning to resign. “I could resign, given my character, if I was convinced of having committed a fault or made a mistake. Is what I’ve done in the management of terrorist attacks, public order, Euro 2016, on the migration-related problems ? No.”, he said in an interview released Saturday.


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