Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cécile Duflot, the fox is ejected from the barn EELV – The Point

“The State is me”, said a famous king of France. To believe his many detractors, Cécile Duflot would have been able to say the same thing : “EELV, it’s me.” Admittedly, its close to justify its defeat in the first round of the primary by a desire to liquidate those who participated from near or far to the government, or evoke a well established tradition among activists : vote for the candidate that has the least chances of winning. But, according to its critics, it would pay most of all, his “personality irritating”, and his mania to decide alone what is good for the party, and more generally to the ecology.

This is Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who said it best this state of mind : “The environmentalists who voted, 12 000 people, did not pay to Cécile Duflot, as now some are trying to say, its participation in the government. They made her pay the me, me, me : if there is a government, that is me of course who decides to break out of the government, it’s me, Cécile Duflot, who decides, for the constituency, the better it is for me, it is always for me. So, they made him pay for that, Europe Ecology, it was her and this is a political disaster, so they ejected.”

To understand the little theatre, which has seen the star of the party, take a jacket is brilliant, and would trace back the cassette of the quinquennium. Incidents or decisions-up from Duflot do not miss. So its approximation aborted with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a few months ago. Some activists have seen the willingness to participate in the primary of the left, whereas the Greens were preparing their own election.

“intellectual Terrorism”

Other notable incident : in April 2014, EELV participated on the question of his entry into the government after the departure of Jean-Marc Ayrault de Matignon. The frames of EELV were so rattled by their poor results in the local elections and were preparing their new battle plan for the redesign. A few minutes prior to the start of the conference call with the executive of the party and its parliamentarians to agree on the posture to adopt if Manuel Valls was appointed, the elected representatives will learn through an AFP that the ministers Cécile Duflot and Pascal Canfin do not wish to participate in the government. Reason : “The ideas brought by the new Prime minister for several years [...] do not constitute an adequate response to the problems of the French.” The effect of surprise is total in Green meps, become suddenly the same color as their party. Some accuse him of having done primer its antivallsisme primary on the best interest of the Ecology.

Two months later, a new glow irritates the elected eco-friendly. In the national Assembly, it decreed a minute of silence in honour of Rémi Fraisse, the young activist killed at Sivens, in the name of the group EELV. Except that she had omitted to warn his fellow members. “The acquisition of word divergent is not allowed. It is intellectual terrorism. It is the half of the group to crack,” complained then, “off”, the one of them.

Another event stayed through numerous gorges : the return of the summer of 2014 from his friend Noël Mamère who had slammed the door of EELV a year earlier, at the weekly meeting of the executive and the parliamentary party. “The law reintroduces Noël Mamère without asking us our opinion, then, that there is no longer a member”, lamented an elected green to the At the end of August 2014, the ex-minister had already surprised the members when she had explained that she had any place to the special committee on the law of energy transition. The two-seater planned for the Greens were originally reserved to Denis Baupin, today rapporteur of the law, and François de Rugy, a specialist of the subject. An iron hand in a glove green.

“A fox in the henhouse”

Still, his disqualification is a huge slap. If Duflot knows better than anyone that the primary in the Green is always a painful event, she was off all the same favorite. His most fierce critics, such as Francis de Rugy, have left the party. And those who remain in the branch, such as David Cormand, the national secretary, or Julien Bayou, spokesman, were relatives of the mp. Activists accuse even the organizers have planned a “primary measure”. “To vote, it was very complicated : you had to pay 5 euros, go on the Internet, wait until it sends you back a mail for you. And as she was supposed to hold the device, she felt that the activists who are more motivated in his favour,” says a historical context, which knows by heart the mysteries of the party.

He must believe that it was not enough. “Cécile Duflot also pays for the absence of Stéphane Sitbon [his former collaborator, editor's NOTE], the party to France Télévisions and especially that of Jean-Vincent Placed the government party. They organized meetings to ten persons to enter into deals in the province. It is like that they have won against Dany [Daniel Cohn-Bendit, editor's NOTE] at the last congress. Caroline de Haas [her campaign manager, ED] may have brought a few feminists in the 6th district, but it is all”, further explains this framework. “Cécile Duflot, it is a fox in the chicken coop. But I love foxes”, summed up with humor Jean-Vincent Placed at the a few months ago. It is necessary to believe that, sometimes, the hens can overcome the fox, even hungry.


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