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Dismantling of Calais : “You know if pregnant women go to England ? “- The World

Some 1,900 migrants have left Calais on Monday, during the first day of the operation to dismantle the ” jungle “. Others are still reluctant to leave.

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hundreds of refugees are waiting to get into one of the buses that will take them to a reception centre and orientation (CAO), 24 October 2016 on the outskirts of the

The Oromo people of Ethiopia came first, followed by a large number of Sudanese. The Afghans, themselves, arrived much later. More than an hour before the opening of an immense hangar transformed into a bus station, Monday, October 24, at dawn, the queue was already long. It has not ceased to be increased in the course of the morning, seeming to remove the doubts that existed, the day before, on the number of migrants who would volunteer to leave the “jungle” of Calais, on the first day of the operation to dismantle the largest slum in Europe.

By the end of the morning, the first movements of the crowd emerged when small groups have attempted to double by the side, forcing CRS to rearrange the barriers of yard to form two distinct areas in which to wait, before the passage of the great green grid leading to the hangar.

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Restlessness and nervousness

The waiting, lasting several hours, has sometimes deterred the least warmly dressed, and swell the rumor : ” It seems that there are more buses ! “ Sign of the anxiety of the migrants, we suddenly saw a hundred men to run with all legs, suitcases in an adjacent street, as if one of them had finally found a trick to load faster… Before you see them back the same a few minutes later, sheepish, after being realized that it was all in vain.

at lunch time, the nervousness was beginning to emerge here and there. Those who were half-round crossed those who were decided based on the later, while the volunteers are poorly informed, began to suggest to the candidate at the start of return rather take the buses departing Tuesday morning.

Is this the famous rumor that has spread up to the “jungle” ? The weariness of having waited too long ? Or the stream of motivated people who has dried up ? While the préfète of the Pas-de-Calais, Fabienne Buccio, worried the morning, of having to make from the bus until late in the night, the congestion of the mid-day, was finally cleared in a few hours, forcing, for lack of suitors, the services of the State to slow down the departures. the ” We will without doubt not sixty bus set for today, but tomorrow is another day, “ felt reassured shortly before the 18 hours Pierre-Henry Brandet, spokesman for the ministry of the interior on the spot.

If the number of departures is a result, only a small part of the migrants left the

eventually, forty-five buses, which had left Calais on Monday, with them on board 1 918 migrants, according to figures from the ministry of the interior. Four hundred miners have been ” looking at the temporary accommodation centre “, located on the camp, in expectation of the statement of their case. If the number of departures is significant, only a small part of the migrants left the “jungle” : they will still be on Monday night more than 4,500, according to the estimates of the lowest, to sleep there, so that the operation of the evacuation – the government talks about ” shelter “ – theory should be completed on Thursday.

on Monday afternoon, they were yet many do not consider a departure. Match cricket here, dancing around a fire of wood there, discussions quiet around a beer or a cup of tea : I didn’t feel the frenzy of the package. Those who passed, bag or suitcase on the head – the wheels do not slip or in the mud or on the sand – were greeted quietly by a ” good luck my friend “ (” good luck, my friend “) and a gesture of the hand.

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many women misinformed about

The women and families were notably absent in the queues in the morning. Those housed in the former recreation centre Jules-Ferry does not seem decided to move. the ” I stayed there until the end, told Yapsaka, Ethiopian, light white veil on the head. in I want to go to England, nowhere else. “ At the age of 17 years, a part of his family living in the uk, it could yet benefit from the family reunification laid down by the european regulation Dublin. But she ignores it.

As they, many women seemed to lack information and trying to learn more, including among journalists. the ” You know, if pregnant women go to England ? “, asked him, and Samira, 34 years old, a Erythréenne six months pregnant. the ” They do pass as minors, are you sure ? Because me, I have my brother there, “argued Noura, a Erythréenne 26-year-old, in the “jungle” from ” one month and twenty-two days, “. Facing them, the young volunteers of the association, Refugee Youth Service had only vague answers to them, adding a little more confusion.

no one knew no more than respond to the tears of Senart, Erythréenne 28-year-old, wrapped in a blanket. She arrived at Calais after having been discharged in June of the camp’s Chapel, at Paris : ” My application for asylum has been rejected, my appeal also… If now even the jungle it is finished… Where will I go ? “

Monday, police, and humanitarian services of the State agreed that the hours of the most complicated of the operation of dismantling were yet to come. When, Thursday or Friday, all voluntary migrants have taken the car and that it will no longer remain as recalcitrant. the ” There, we will have finished all of the humanitarian operation “, said a responsible. Will then start the operation of police.

migrants during the evacuation of the “jungle” of Calais, on October 24.


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