Sunday, October 23, 2016

In Tours, Valls slips into the clothes of a unifier of the left, Le Figaro

in The course of a meeting, the prime minister launched an appeal to Arnaud Montebourg, Benoît Hamon and Emmanuel Macron, in order to avoid “the left fades away” in 2017.

our special envoy to the Towers

As it is far the time where Manuel Valls had a heart to appear as the enfant terrible of the PS. As it is far the time where it was proposed to rename his party, “unlock” the 35 hour working week, establish a “common house” with the progressives.

as the presidential approach, as the president of the Republic is sinking in the difficulty and the doubt settles on its candidate, the prime minister doesn’t soften his speech, moving away each time a little more of the role of the “whistleblower”. Valls seeks clearly to round off the corners with the left that he has so often turned against him.

on Monday evening at the city hall of Evry, not once did he say the word “burkini” in his speech devoted to secularism. And this Saturday, in Tours, in front of the activists PS gathered in the centre Vinci, the prime minister was asked in rallying, putting up the two left that he has so often deemed “irreconcilable”. “Today, my role as leader of the majority, it is to bring together”, he launched. Before you reach out to those who have left the government. “I want everyone to be asking the right questions. I ask’arnaud (Montebourg), Benedict (Hamon), Aurélie (Filipetti) and Manual (Macron): what is it that separates us? Of course, I know our debates and disagreements. It is necessary to assume them. But what is it that brings us closer to first? To have governed together in the interest of the country and to share the struggles for equality and values, those of the Republic.”

The prime minister did not deny that he was sometimes happened to shake a little too high on these comrades. “You know me… With my character, my qualities, my faults, my freedom of tone. I was sometimes a whistleblower. It is useful whistleblowers. But I have always respected my political family. I have never denied.” A mea culpa that does not say its name? No doubt. If he is a candidate, Valls must go through. As it has done for the past several weeks, he warned the militants PS against the risk of “spray”, the “shame of defeat” and “humiliation” that threaten the left if it is not united in the fight.

of Course, there is no doubt that Manuel Valls is preparing for a possible nomination in the event of a package from Holland. But it is well kept crossing the yellow line, remaining within the limits imposed by his status of prime minister. At the beginning of his speech, as had been done a little earlier the first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, the prime minister thus recalled that his visit to the Towers was scheduled for a long time. Translation: well before that so does the book A president should not say it. Later, he claimed not to be a cynic.

“What is at stake today, this is not a contest of precedence, a game to see who will erase the other”

Manuel Valls, however, has left to go to a strange formula: “What is at stake today, this is not a contest of precedence, a game to see who will wipe the other or who will erase the benefit of others. No, the issue is much more important: it is to avoid that the left fades away”. As if the question of the likely candidate to embody “the left hand of government” to the primary -and in turn that of Holland, was, on the whole, quite secondary.

To motivate the troops socialists, quite a few many in this amphitheatre sparse, Manuel Valls, has long defended the results of the quinquennium, inviting the socialists to be “proud”. “Let’s be proud of”, he said repeatedly, defending the social model, and the measures taken to strengthen it (retirement at 60 years of age, a generalization of the third-party payment, rent, etc.). The prime minister, who has been operating for a few weeks a kind of shift to the ideological, has been much applauded at the end of his speech. Later, a socialist close to the prime minister was this confidence on the platform of the railway station of Tours: “The best way to prepare to be a candidate, is to show that we can gather”. Valls is working on this. In case.


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