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Calais : the hundred shipwrecked dismantling is distraught – The World

They are a big hundred, many of them are minors. For them, there is no solution. Then, on Thursday evening, they are left in the jungle. Desperate.

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migrants walk at sunset in the jungles of Calais, the 27th of October 2016.

Ahmad falls under the hood of his anorak black. It was cold and almost want to cry. The young Afghan boy of 17 years did not know how it is to be found Thursday evening, street of the Gulls, to Calais, with no solution either for the night or for the next day.

All the afternoon he sat, alone, in this street, 100 meters from the exit to the jungle where he has spent nine months. In front of him, a bead of CRS blocks to join the SAS, when he thought that the bus left again. the ” Since 11 o’clock this morning, I’m waiting for a bus that should take me away from all this, but I doubt more “, he confides to 16 hours.

The day before, Ahmad had spent the night in front of the registration centre, which has lowered the curtain, never to meet. And then, hunted by the police, he came to sit under the bridge at the exit of the jungle, on the side of the Afghan people, his “brothers” as he said. “ I don’t understand anything. Every time I wanted to save, to go far away from here, I have not been able to. Now I don’t know what it’s going to happen to me “, ” he added Thursday night.

of course the evacuation of the Calais jungle started Monday morning at 8 o’clock. But on this day, Ahmad was not ready to leave ; like many members of his community. Tuesday he came, ” but there was too much world “. On Wednesday, he does not know too much, and on Thursday, the SAS has finished recordings before it is his turn, ” he says.

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Lost in time

Ahmad is lost, exhausted. His report at the time seems quite blur. At the point that they no longer know very well that when he left Afghanistan to join her sister in Great Britain. the ” It’s been so long that I don’t really know. I stopped myself in Iran where I worked in a brick kiln. And then, when I had enough money, I’m gone “, he continued. the ” To Calais, I really had no luck. All my buddies are passed in Great Britain, and not me. I made myself take several times hidden in the trucks. I’m tired, Madame, of this life… “, he went on shuffling her white sneakers to the secular school of the Dunes, in 19 hours Thursday.

Just before, he had realized that, once again, it was not in the right file. As the hundreds of migrants who were waiting for a Centre of Reception and Orientation for a bus that never came. Thursday, eight buses on the ten held in reserve, carrying in all 226 major and 16 minor, are still a party of Calais, according to Didier Leschi, director-general of the French Office for immigration and integration (Ofii). ” I sat under the bridge in the morning until mid-afternoon, “ explains Ahmad, who has nothing understood. “Then, the police have asked us to go to Rue des Mouettes. And humanitarian actors, we said that we would have a bus “. But none of them arrived.


reached by telephone, the OFII said that his mission was over. That of France Land of Asylum, also. The prefecture has held, she would recall that she had very much sheltered for four days, and that those who remained were not citizens of the jungle of Calais. Depending on the version of the State, all those who remained on the floor today would have been ” led by the associations “. They arrived straight from Germany, Holland, Belgium or Paris, depending on the version of the administration which has not met.

Ahmad refuses to hear this version. Street of the Gulls, he took her head teenage girl in his hands and has dozed off. The previous night, he stayed awake in front of the AIRLOCK, to await its opening. Than before, he woke up to the rhythm of the explosions due to fire of the jungle.

To 19 hours on Thursday, Ahmad has followed the procession of other castaways of the evacuation. Before, he had heard the commissioner of police to allow his men to break camp and ask the migrants not to go to the area in demolition. No one had a solution to offer them. the ” I’ve had enough of being tossed from here and there, as is the case for the past three days ” summarized Ahmad yesterday evening. the ” You are told to go there, then come back, then you can’t go nowhere “, was he.

School or mosque

“nowhere” has become the secular School of the Dunes. To 19: 15, after some had retrieved a blanket and biscuits by way of dinner, a small procession started to the Road to Gravelines to join the closed school. A few, -as the group was a result – have preferred the mosque.

At 21 hours, the night was already there since 1 hour 30 when the migrants started to curl up in their blanket. The small school has become for them a refuge and Ahmad were able to get a rest that his body teen before need.

Contemplating the situation upon his arrival, Jean-Claude Lenoir, president of Salam, has felt the anger mount. the ” It’s still stupid to spoil a deal if done well. There is a tendency of the rods to be beaten “, he added, as he saw these young people installed in there on the chairs, on the floor. the ” It’s been days that our association is assisting the government in this evacuation, that is dealing with collaborators for that. And there, he leaves us with this group on the arms… and it is up to us to manage “, and lamented the voluntary commitment of long-time humanitarian assistance to migrants.

Complete, the jungle ?

The préfète could hardly make a half-turn, she had stated ” the jungle, it is finished ” as of Wednesday noon. She had already “sold” that the page was turned and that on Monday night the moor would be returned to nature. Thursday night, however a big hundred castaways of the evacuation was there, back in the jungle for lack of a better. And the british minister of the Interior asked his counterpart, Bernard Cazeneuve, to take good care of migrant minors… Still, nothing prevents them now from being stopped by the police around Calais and its environs… For these castaways of the dismantling, the operation may be more police as a humanitarian.

” It really is today the end of the “jungle”, there is no more person on the camp, ” repeated, Wednesday, October 26, in the evening, the préfète of the Pas-de-Calais, Fabienne Buccio. “Our mission is fulfilled [and] a page tourn” for those migrants who “will be able to start a new life in France”, she had said a few hours earlier.


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