Sunday, October 30, 2016

Haut-Rhin : the perpetrators of the camping-driver-stabbed-to-Bourbach-le-Haut always sought – France Blue

A Bas-Rhinois 63-year-old, on holiday with his wife to Bourbach-le-Haut in the Upper Rhine, was killed this Friday night at the weapon in his motorhome by 2 masked men come to claim the money. It is the wife who gave the alarm, the police are actively searching for the two assailants.

A retired bas-rhinois, who was on holiday with his wife in the peaceful village of Bourbach-le-Haut, 400 inhabitants, situated in the Haut-Rhin, is death. This man, 63-year-old was stabbed to death Friday night in his motorhome, under the eyes of his wife, who gave the alarm, by taking refuge in the nearby cafe. Firefighters dispatched on the spot took charge of the victim, who died during his transfer to the hospital. The two retirees had come from the region of Haguenau hike on the heights of the massif and do some sightseeing.

The couple has had to deal with two people wearing stick, who tried to rob them of their bank cards and money. The pensioner, originally from Gries near Haguenau, in the Bas-Rhin, tried to resist before being struck by several blows of a knife. The attackers had fled. They are still actively sought.

The campervan was parked at the location reserved for this type of vehicle, a parking lot consisting of a dozen places. Has Bourbach-le-Haut, it is located on the town hall square. The camping-because of these pensioners was the only one in the place, the season is coming to an end. The mayor of the village, Joël Mansuy, is in shock :

usually, in the middle of the season, it was always four or five motorhomes on the car park… The aggressors have not lacked boldness, in my opinion, they know the industry because we do not come up here by chance.

“I don’t have a word to name it, it is shameful, these aggressors familiar with the area.”

The gendarmes of Burnhaupt-Masevaux, supported by the research section of Strasbourg, are in charge of the investigation opened by the public prosecutor. the All day this Saturday, the mounties have pursued the careful inspection of the premises, they have also conducted a survey of the neighborhood in search of clues to try to find the perpetrators.


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