Monday, October 31, 2016

Act prostitution : the entry into force of the exit routes for sex workers – Europe1

The device exit routes from prostitution, one of the social measures of the law passed in April, including the criminalisation of the client is the key measure, came into force Monday, after the publication Sunday of a decree in the official Journal.

“A decisive step”. The publication of this text, “barely six months” after the enactment of the law, “testifies to the commitment of the government to make the abolition of prostitution a reality”, welcomed the minister of Women’s rights, Laurence Rossignol, in a statement. The decree is “a decisive step in the implementation of the social component of the law,” she added.

social, medical and financial. “Any person victim of prostitution, pimping and sexual exploitation” can now “receive guidance and comprehensive care”, the purpose of which is to find the “alternatives to prostitution”, mentions this text in the preamble. The beneficiaries, who will be able to see available “rental housing social” or a place in the home, will benefit from a “support” medical “physical or psychological” and”social integration” and professional, ” he continues. Once their file is validated after passing in front of a commission presided over by the prefect of the department, they will also receive a “financial aid to the social integration” and will be issued a “provisional authorisation of stay for a minimum period of six months” to allow them to work.

up to Two years. The course of output, a duration of “six months” renewable, can be renewed, taking into account the “observance of commitments” made by the recipient in a “document tracking”. It must not exceed two years, according to this text.

The budget. budget “has nearly tripled” and “now amounts to € 6.6 million”, plus “receipts from the confiscation of goods and proceeds of traffickers and networks of trafficking in human beings”, had stressed on Thursday that Laurence Rossignol. The association for the fight against HIV/Aids Aid had, on the contrary, criticized Wednesday of the resources “lost half”, when the government announced in 2013, “an effort dedicated to 20 million euros per year”. “4.5 million euros” will also be “mobilized” from the funds of the Agency management and recovery of seized and confiscated property, had it encrypted.

“The insecurity increases.” But the 11.1 million euros represent the total “10,6 euros per month per person”, if one takes the figures of the Central Office for the Repression of Trafficking in Human Beings (OCRTEH), which are “to 30,000 the number of workers-its sex in France”, had observed the NGOS, which denounced the “deleterious effects” of the law. “The workers-his sex-isolate themselves, the insecurity increases,” clients”, certainly less numerous but more determined” – are able to negotiate more condom use, had tempêté Aid. Since the passing of the act of prostitution, a customer is liable to a fine of 1.500 euros, up to 3.750 in case of recurrence. The act also provided that the prostitutes no longer be booked for soliciting.


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