Monday, October 31, 2016

The camp of migrants in Paris: new police operation – Release

A new police operation, to control the migrants and clean up the place, took place Monday morning on the vast campsite in paris which must be evacuated this week, in the wake of the dismantling of the Calais “Jungle”.

This “control of the administrative situation of migrants started in the early morning in the district of jean Jaurès-Stalingrad, in the north-east of the capital where some 2,000 people – mainly Eritreans, Sudanese and Afghans have found refuge on the sidewalks.

During these control operations, organized on a regular basis, the objective of the authorities is to verify the administrative status (that is to say, the right of residence) of the occupants and the sanitary state of the camp. Denounced by the collective of volunteers, they are practiced on these sites insecure installed in the middle of the street, and are distinct from the evacuations with “sheltering”, carried out by the services of the State and the City of Paris.

Monday morning, two cords of CRS have circled a good hundred migrants, a part under the station Jaurès metro, another at the level of the canal Saint-Martin, which are mainly installed in afghanistan, has found an AFP journalist.

Some activists held aloft placards “no to the roundups of migrants,” while a man was trying to talk to the police officers, in a French correct : “I went to school today, I had exam at 10: 00 AM, why me too?”

in Front of many journalists, and the digger has picked up mattresses, blankets, and cardboard boxes, much to the chagrin of migrants. “If they do not give us shelter, why do they destroy our homes?”, questioning an Afghan. “It remains for me nothing more, I did more than my clothes, my shoes and my documents”, let go of another.

Required distance migrants, some of whom were at arm’s length their belongings in huge sacks, observed the scene with weariness, bored by these repeated checks.

just the cleaning process is completed, some of the migrants are headed to their put business at the shelter, to rebuild in the wake of a camp in the same place.

- A reception centre in Paris -

Evacuated two times in July and September, this camp is located in a popular area of the capital reformed and has grown in recent days, with some 2,000 people, according to the authorities, currently installed on the macadam.

The camp has particularly grown due to flow from Calais where the “Jungle” was dismantled last week, according to many associations.

“three days ago, we distributed 700 to 800 meals. Today, there is more than one thousand”, said Friday, Charles Drane, a coordinator of the NGO Adventist Development and Relief Agency (Adra), which distributes meals to the midi.

But for the government, no connection between the evacuation of the “Jungle” and the camp of paris. “They are not those of Calais, who went to Paris”, assured Saturday, François Hollande, promising a rapid evacuation. Prime minister Manuel Valls has announced that the “sheltering” of these 2,000 migrants would take place this week.

To prevent the reconstitution of repetition of these camps, the mayor of Paris has decided to open a “welcome center” humanitarian”, with 400 beds initially, to support the migrant for a few days, before the spread on accommodation facilities more sustainable in the regions : Centres of welcome and orientation (CAO) similar to those which have welcomed the migrants of Calais.

About 5,000 migrants from the “Jungle” have been directed to the CAO during the dismantling express conducted last week by the authorities, who were expected to finish Monday to shave the barracks.



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