Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jungle de Calais : two gas cylinders exploding, a Syrian wounded Le Figaro

VIDEOS – In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, there were several fires were lit within the slum during the evacuation, forcing authorities to evacuate between 150 to 200 migrants.

Since the beginning of the evening, several fires were started in the “jungle” of Calais during the evacuation. Two gas cylinders have exploded in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, seriously injuring the eardrums a syrian refugee man. The victim was transported to the hospital. The incident occurred while the fires were “intensified between midnight thirty and three o’clock in the morning, especially in the “shopping area” (at the entrance of the camp, editor’s NOTE)”, said the prefecture. Several people have also had to move the “band of the 100 meters”, the free zone at the edge of the bypass port.

“From 21 hours, the departures of fires malicious are reported on both sides of the Moor (the official name of the camp, editor’s NOTE), but this has taken a turn more serious in the second part of the night,” said on-site Philippe Mignonnet, deputy mayor of Calais. “We have evacuated 150 to 200 migrants, including Afghans and Syrians, who have been supported by association and a nurse in attendance on the premises”, explained on his side the commissioner of police of Calais, Patrick Visser-Drone. The fire brigade come-de-Calais, Marck-en-Calaisis, but still Desvres and Saint-Omer, were caillassés requiring the intervention of CRS.

VIDEO - The préfète of the Pas-de-Calais, Fabienne Buccio, evokes a “tradition”

The préfète of the Pas-de-Calais, Fabienne Buccio, spoke of a “tradition” among the migrant population consisting of burn their huts before leaving. “We told them it was better not to do it, but there are still those who do it”, she adds. The same phenomenon had been observed in march during the dismantling of the southern area of this vast slum. The associations, moreover, had warned that such incidents could occur. They had upstream dispatched dozens of fire extinguishers of migrants. Several of whom have themselves switched off the lights to the sides of the fire.

The first fires have occurred as early as the mid-day, while the destruction of the huts of the “jungle” deserted by the migrants has started. Dressed in orange jumpsuits, workers started to dismantle or destroy the electric saw part of the shelters are unhealthy. Mattresses stacked, blankets or pans: what other teams have picked the waste with backhoes, to dump their contents into bins. Announced for the morning, the rubble had been shifted to the afternoon in order to be able to mobilize enough police officers to deal with any incident. It was then suspended in the dark of the night.

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Drained of a good portion of its occupants, the camp takes on the air of a ghost town. Total of 4014 people have been “put away” in two days, according to the ministries of Interior and Housing, on the 6400 to 8100 migrants that had the “jungle”, mostly from Afghanistan, Sudan or Eritrea. In two days, 3242 major left the camp by bus and 772 children were relocated to containers in the reception centre, of which 1264 major and 372 minor for the only day Tuesday. If 45 coaches were mobilized, only 33 are finally gone. “What is happening in Calais, it is a beautiful face of France, was welcomed by the prime minister Manuel Valls. It was a humanitarian operation which is carried out by taking into account the men and women who are fleeing war and seeking asylum, and is being carried out also with firmness.”

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