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Primary right: The High authority asks Fish to support the winner – The Point

The High authority for the primary right sought Wednesday to Jean-Frédéric Fish to commit to support the winner of the primary, after about ambiguous about it, but decided not to make comments on its statements about the “lobbies zionists” after his apology.

given the “explanations” given by the president of the Christian democrat Party (PCD) on this second topic Tuesday, the organising Committee and on Wednesday before the High authority of the primary, the High authority may, on application by another candidate, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, has decided to “not decide”.

After the apology from the candidate, who has rejected “any form of anti-semitism”, Thierry Solère, chairman of the commission on organization of the election, had made it known on Tuesday that he believed that “the controversy” was “closed”.

however, referring to comments made in Lyon People “of such a nature as to raise a serious doubt as to its commitment to publicly support the candidate for the presidency of the Republic appointed after the primary”, the High authority has formally requested Mr. Fish to commit to supporting the winner of this competition.

Mr. Fish is “as each of the candidates in the primary, held to the observance of the commitments it has agreed to publicly support the candidate for the presidency of the Republic appointed after the primary and to take part in his campaign,” writes the High authority in its decision.

She pointed out that “the respect for this commitment is a condition of participation in the primary, and therefore requests to Jean-Frédéric Fish to ensure strictly in the future”.

Asked about his choice for a possible second round opponent of Marine Le Pen, candidate of the Republicans in the presidential 2017, Mr. Fish had responded to Lyon’s People : “We’ll see”, referring to the project “multicultural society (…) next to the plate” by Alain Juppé.

on Wednesday, about RFI, he has again criticised the mayor of Bordeaux to be favourable, “” multiculturalism,” and not to “consider the importance of migration flows” as a “problem”.

“We are starting to have problems with social issues with this immigration, which is problematic for the social balance, the French.” “I don’t see Mr. Juppé renounce it”, “there are still six months so that I can convince him to change the foot on the subject,” added the mp for the Yvelines.

But in a message published on his website, Mr. Fish said from support the winner of the future of primary (20-27 November), “without any ambiguity”.

On RFI, it is demarcated from the Front national: “I am opposed to a national preference, I am opposed to the death penalty, I do not share the design of the FN of secularism, I do not think we need to get out of the european Union and I do not think we need to get out of the euro”.

“the approximation of The straight can’t be done with the national Front in this configuration and in the current situation,” he said, if he “does not see a problem to discuss with them.

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