Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dismantling of Calais : MSF denounces a “selection to the facies” of the miners – The Parisian

Ils denounce a “sort” arbitrary. Doctors without borders (MSF) has decided to stop participating in the orientation of juveniles of Calais to the device intended for them in the framework of the dismantling of the “Jungle” because of a disagreement of principle.

“The miners are queuing in front of the airlock, but their access is subject to the agreement of a single person, who decides if they can or not enter,” said this Tuesday Frank Esnée, the chief of mission to France for MSF. The NGO Doctors of the World, for its part, denounced “a crime of facies”, saying it was “deeply concerned about the selection criteria”.

“It is a selection in the feces that is not acceptable,” and that has resulted in the exclusion of a”third party” of people posing as a minor, has accused Frank Esnée of MSF. The head of the mission, who works in the Jungle also denounces that the process is “not legal” from the moment any person declaring that the minor has the right to an interview”. “We cease to orient the juvenile to the device”, he announced. In contrast, MSF will complete the committed work for the vulnerable people.

Video. The first unaccompanied minor to the “jungle” of Calais arrive London

A source from the ministry of the Interior, cited by 20 minutes, confirms that about one-third of the people are denied access to the device “safe” for the under 18 years of age. “This is a sort that is done on the basis of the evidence, staying wide,” says a representative of the State on the spot.

when Questioned, the préfète of the Pas-de-Calais Fabienne Buccio pointed out that’at the entrance to the sas, an association that has jurisdiction in the matter is in charge of getting the miners”, and “discards those that are obviously major, that is to say, that go beyond evidence, and several years of the age of majority”.

France Land of Asylum, the association mandated to undertake this mission, refutes any selection, and any “crime of facies”. Contacted by The Parisien.fr, its director Pierre Henry assumes discard those which are “clearly the major”.

According to the head of association, there is “either spontaneously, or because they are suggested, people obviously adults that fit in the queue of the minors to try to go to the uk”. As soon as there is doubt, for example if the person appears to be between 16 and 20 years old, this definitely benefits the one who says it is minor, ensures Pierre Henry.

And to add that “If, by chance, a minor, was sent by mistake to a center of welcome and orientation -reserved for the major – it would be enough for him to report to a new minor to see his situation re-examined.” And to stress the urgency of dismantling.

Since the beginning of the operation on Monday, more than 800 miners have been, according to him, supported temporary accommodation centre, and 233 are parties in Britain over the past week. “Children benefit from a differentiated treatment and special protection,” added the préfète Fabienne Buccio, in particular because”it is a review of their situation by the british Home Office, assisted by the OFPRA (Office français de protection of refugees and stateless persons).

according To the last census of France Land of Asylum, nearly 1,300 people are reported to be minor. According to Pierre Henry, 95% want to join the United Kingdom.

Video. Calais : concerns about the conditions of lives of minors

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