Thursday, October 20, 2016

Robbery at a jeweller’s in paris, 500.000 euros of prejudice – The Figaro

Two men robbed the jeweller Boucheron, rue de la Paix, in the parisian golden Triangle, today in the late afternoon, carrying with them a booty estimated at about 500,000 euros, according to police sources.

Around 17: 00, “two men are pretending to be the courier for is to open the door,” explained a police source. Once entered the shop, threatened the staff with tear-gas canisters, according to another police source. The two men escaped “with a dozen watches” damages “estimated to be 500.000 euros”, according to one of these sources. The Brigade for the repression of banditry (BRB) of the judicial police of Paris was seized of the investigation. The police was on the spot in the early evening, found an AFP journalist. No sign of the break was not visible from the outside of the building of the street of Peace, which hosts several luxury brands.

in The month of march, two robbers were robbed, in the middle of the afternoon, a jewelry store Chopard place Vendôme, two steps from the rue de la Paix. They had entered the store at lunch time and, under the threat of a gun and a grenade, were left with a loot undetermined. Another shop of the famous parisian brand had already been the victim of a theft similar to the month of December not far from the Elysée palace. The neighborhood had seen its security enhanced after that in 2014, several luxurious jewellery shops of paris, where is also located the department of Justice, have been the victims of robberies, brutal and risky. Attack to the car aries, aficionados of the “smash and grab” (seized and smashes in English, editor’s NOTE) armed with axes and masses … The place Vendôme had lived through the dark times with five armed robberies in less than seven months, every day, for damages ranging between 420.000 and two million euros.

The robbery of today comes a fortnight after that of the star of reality tv Kim Kardashian, who, in the middle of the night, made to shine by five men in a residence hotel of luxury located to few meters of there. The thieves walked away with 9 million euros in jewelry.


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