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Hamon, Duflot, Holland, Kosciusko-Morizet : why you don’t see them in the show “the ambition of intimate” – Franceinfo

“You’d be surprised by the number of policies that require getting on the couch Karine Le Marchand, and I understand…” has launched Nicolas de Tavernost, the chairman of the management board of the M6 Group, to the World, six days after the broadcast of the first broadcast of “the ambition and intimate”, on M6, Sunday, 9 October. In this first episode are past Marine Le Pen, Arnaud Montebourg, Bruno Le Maire and Nicolas Sarkozy. In the next issue, released on November 6, we will see Jean-Luc Mélenchon, François Fillon, Alain Juppé and François Bayrou.

Although the show, where policies are questioned on the mode of the confidence, had a successful hearing for the first issue, his party took “intimate” has been criticized by many politicians, who have refused to participate. Here are the reasons why.

Those who refused to participate

Several politicians have been approached by M6 to take part in “An ambition that is intimate”. But not all of them have agreed to play the game. Benoît Hamon announced, in a message posted on his page on Facebook, Monday, 17 October, have refused to participate in the program, which “is akin to a casting of the providential man”. the “Its quality, and the viewers who are interested in it are not in question : this format is just not my vision of the political”, he explained.

“This is not the real reason, reply, the team of the broadcast in the columns of the Paris, Friday, October 21. the It is when we spoke to him about his wife he saw that there was a small concern…” The applicant to the primary on the left was concern that the position of his wife within the luxury group LVMH detrimental to his image with voters in his camp. The spokesman Benoît Hamon refutes this version of events, ensuring that the former minister simply wants to preserve his wife. the “overnight, [it] would become Mrs. Hamon for his professional relationships, which would not be without consequence”, explained Franck Chaumont in the Point.

Emmanuel Macron – that is for the moment not officially a candidate in the presidential election – has also refused to sit on the couch Karine Le Marchand. the It is for candidates who have a bad image and are in search of redemption, explains one of his relatives, as quoted by Opinion.

François Hollande will not engage in the issuance of M6. Karine Le Marchand has made in-person at the Elysee to meet with the entourage of the head of State, but has not been able to find an agreement, says Europe 1.

that was canceled

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet will not be able to deliver his confessions to Karine Le Marchand. The presenter has in effect cancelled the shoot scheduled with the candidate at the primary on the right, reports Le Figaro. the “M6 has decided to advance the date of broadcast of the program on October 9, and I had to turn [with] Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet on September 12, explained Karine Le Marchand. But we have four weeks of mounting on each portrait.”

The problem is that she has had sponsorships that on September 9,”, adds the presenter. The time periods were too short to run the show and have the four weeks of editing before the 9 October. the “We had no choice, he had to cancel”, concludes Karine Le Marchand.

Verra-t-on NKM in another number ? The mp for the Essonne is not scheduled for the next issue. And it is not yet known if a third episode is planned. It could be released after the first round of the primary, on the 20th of November, and the possible elimination of the former minister. His participation is therefore highly compromised…

the One that was lost too soon

Cecile Duflot had, she agreed to answer questions of Karine Le Marchand. The portrait of the mp for EELV, called “full-fledged woman, sensitive and determined” by the presenter, was filmed on the 4th October. But the images may well never be released, according to the Huffington Post.

Cecile Duflot has in effect been eliminated in the first round of the primary ecologist, Wednesday, October 19. This result “changes the game”, according to the direction of M6, because the show features portraits of political figures as candidates in the presidential election. The string specified, however, “not having taken its decision” : the footage of the mp would “enter into the framework-portraits” of the other participants in the program.

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