Friday, October 28, 2016

In the United States, the FBI is going to investigate new e-mails to Hillary Clinton – The World

The american federal police was said to have taken knowledge of new e-mails “seemingly relevant” to the investigation, declared in July, on the use made by Hillary Clinton from her personal email when she was secretary of State.

The candidate democratic party presidential, Hillary Clinton, on the 27th of October.

the director of The FBI James Comey has written to elected officials on Friday, October 28, to inform them that his teams were going to reopen the case closed the private messaging Hillary Clinton, in a letter made public by elected republicans to Congress.

” In a separate case, the FBI became aware of the existence of e-mails pretending to be relevant to the investigation. “, written by Mr. Comey in the letter addressed to the chairpersons of several parliamentary committees including those relating to the intelligence and justice.

” I write to you to tell you that the research team I was told about it yesterday, and I have given my consent for the FBI to take the measures of investigation that are appropriate in order to allow investigators to examine these emails and determine whether they contain classified information, and to determine their importance in our investigation. “, ” said Mr. Comey.

” Although the FBI could not determine whether this information is or is not significant, and that I cannot predict how long we will have to come to the end of this extra work, I believe that it is important to keep your committees aware of our work, having regard to my statements of the past “, concludes the director of the federal police.

Neglect extreme ” but no further

This case was lodged in march 2015, shortly before the entry into campaign of the candidate, a democrat. He was accused of having exclusively used a private email instead of an account government for four years, where she was in charge of the american diplomacy, potentially exposing confidential information to hacking.

On July 5, Mr. Comey announced that the FBI recommended not to pursue further Mme Clinton in this case, at the end of a long investigation, a recommendation followed by the department of justice.

” No prosecution is needed “, had said Mr. Comey, even if the former secretary of State had demonstrated, according to him, a ” negligence in the extreme “.

Donald Trump has immediately reacted to a political meeting in Manchester (New Hampshire). “The corruption of Hillary Clinton reached an extent never seen before, he said. in We can’t let it take his shenanigans criminal in the Oval office “.


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