Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The emergency plan of Cazeneuve to calm the growls of police, Le Figaro

About 250 million euros are disbursed to renovate premises and buy equipment.

to Provide collateral and to send strong signals to attempt to extinguish the fire that spread through the ranks. Ten days after the beginning of the uncontrollable movement of discontent which embraces the police, the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve, has drawn in the emergency Wednesday night that his Marshall plan for the public safety. That is to say to the police, but also the gendarmes of the field. At a time when François Hollande was received at the Elysée and the police unions, the minister of the Interior nurtures the hope uncertain to defuse the revolt.

In response to a request expressed after the tragedy of Magnanville, where a couple of police officers had been murdered in their home in the name of Daech, it has been decided to anonymize the procedures to protect the investigators. This able long-awaited should be brought before the Assembly at the end of November, just as the legal alignment of the outrage to officers of the public force on that of the magistrates. Which is equivalent to a doubling of sanctions, brought up to a year in prison and 15,000 euros fine.

chapter very sensitive to the legitimate self-defence, which the police require an evolution of the conditions of use and which has already been subject to adjustments, including in cases of mass murder of mass, Beauvau agrees to launch a “reflection” with the trade unions and experts. Proposals will be issued “by the end of November”. And, even if the keeper of the Seals Jean-Jacques Urvoas said he was adverse to a relaxation of the rules of use of the weapon.

“It is to hit hard and fast”, is repeated-on Place Beauvau like a mantra. As well, the 4600 guardians of the peace coming out of school at the end of the year, just like the 4600 other graduates in 2017, will be allocated primarily to the public safety.

After the attack on four police officers in the Molotov cocktail at Viry-Châtillon, each patrol will now carry a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket and an emergency kit

Well aware that a blow to the kidneys in the budget is imperative, Bernard Cazeneuve, has endowed his plan with a budget of 250 million euros, coming from a large part of the approximately 850 million of additional credit (+ 15 %) obtained in the framework of the finance law project 2017. This manna, fully vested in the police and the gendarme of the daily, will allow for the purchase of 8000 helmet with visor antiballes, 21.700, bullet-proof vests “door-plate”, resistant to fire kalashnikovs, 20.000 vests individual protection, 4730 shields flexible, 440 sub-machine gun HK G36 for security Companies and intervention as well as 5500 collective weapons. “The fleet of the 24,000 cars of the national police has generally been renewed for a third party through the replacement of 8252 vehicles”, rappelle-t-on in the entourage of the minister. After the attack on four police officers in the Molotov cocktail at Viry-Châtillon, each patrol will now carry a fire ex tinguisher, a fire blanket and an emergency kit. In addition to the “strengthening of glass cars screen-printed”, the plan provides for the acquisition of 300 armored vehicles to the most sensitive areas. While a group of police officers in anger broadcast of the damning photos of a local leper when walking rats, Bernard Cazeneuve, said that a substantial part of the envelope will be devoted to the maintenance of police stations but also of the gendarmerie barracks. The work would begin as early as next month.

Without waiting for the outcome of the consultation meetings held with the prefects, Beauvau has also decided to delete without delay the guards, static in front of the courts and the prefectures. That is a gain of 221 full-time equivalent for police officers, replaced by security guards and means of video surveillance, funded to the tune of 2.2 million euros.

The support of public drunkenness and the transfer of the prisoner is also at the heart of a reflection. Finally, the police officers should benefit from the implementation of a method of shared information” on the criminal justice response. The floors should be able to tell them finally, if the arrests made were followed up. Or not, as the lament all too often the officials.


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