Friday, October 28, 2016

The crooner moroccan in custody in Paris – Le Parisien

Arrested before his concert at the palais des Congrès, Saad Lamjarred been the subject of a complaint for sexual assault.

C‘is a star of the song in Morocco. A man whose success crazy statistics of the Web and whose actions and gestures fascinate millions of fans. But it should happen tomorrow in a concert at the palais des Congrès in Paris, the singer Saad Lamjarred, 31 years old, was placed in custody Wednesday morning. The artist is the subject of a complaint for sexual assault and violence voluntary filed by a young woman of 20 years of French nationality. His custody was extended yesterday, he will know his fate in court in the morning.

Already challenged for similar facts in the United States, Saad Lamjarred is found again in turmoil. The facts allegedly took place in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, in the room of the Marriott hotel where the star was staying. His alleged victim, which he had apparently recently made the acquaintance, would have fled in the early morning to give the warning before you complain. “She was very shocked,” says a source close to the folder.

Very alcoholic during his arrest

The singer was immediately arrested and placed in custody in the premises of the 1st district judicial police in Paris. It appears that Saad Lamjarred was highly alcoholic during his arrest. Yesterday afternoon, investigators had not yet proceeded to a confrontation. “The facts alleged would have occurred in the confined space of a hotel room, and without a witness, prevents a source of justice. Auditions and medical examination of the complainant are critical in this type of case. “Contacted yesterday afternoon, the lawyer of the singer has not wished, at this stage, to comment.

The announcement of the arrest of Saad Lamjarred has inflamed the social networks in Morocco. Even at the highest peak of the kingdom, the scandal is looked at very closely. “We follow with great interest this folder and have been contacts between the authorities of both countries to shed some light on this matter “, said the website the minister of Culture of morocco. Which has promised to ” do everything necessary to resolve the problem.”

a Native of Rabat, the singer Saad Lamjarred was raised in a family of renowned artists. He made himself known by participating in the television show lebanese “Super Star” in 2007. But it was in 2013 that he becomes a celebrity thanks to his title “Mal Hbibi Malou” (” What happens to my loved one ? “). Since, each of its songs became a hit.

Released in 2015, the music video for his song “Lm3allem” (” you the boss “) had, yesterday evening, more than 406 million views on YouTube. It would be the clip the most viewed in the arab world. Its YouTube channel has two million subscribers.

Saad Lamjarred is already entangled in a similar case in the United States. The alleged facts date back to the year 2010. At that time, a U.s. complaint against the singer. She accuses him of raping her in an apartment in New York. Arrested and placed in detention, the artist, who is not yet known, is released on bail… and takes flight. The procedure had been re-launched in may last year. Officially went to the United States, has denied any involvement in this story.


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