Friday, October 21, 2016

Viry-Châtillon : the husband of the policewoman injured witness – The Figaro

VIDEO – Badly burnt in the attack which targeted members of the forces of order on the 8th of October, Jenny has been able to return home. In this case, two judges have been appointed to find the perpetrators.

“She is doing well and has the desire to advance.” Jerome told on France 2 after the attack, in which his wife, police was the victim on October 8 at Viry-Châtillon, in the Essonne. With three other of her colleagues, Jenny, a police officer for 39 years, was referred by a jet of Molotov cocktails. She was seriously injured, having suffered burns and injuries. “They [the attackers] tried to knock them out so that they burn alive in the car,” says his spouse.

” Viry-Châtillon: the fear and silence reign in the Grande borne

Exit Tuesday night from the hospital, she is back to school near Saint Malo, where she lives with her husband and their three children. Care is not ended, but her husband is optimistic. “There for a time, but there was no reason that she does not regain her job, she loves it. Now, I can’t move forward to it and we do not know what will happen in six months.”

below, the story aired this Friday on France 2:

On October 8, around 15h, the vehicle in which Jenny and her colleagues has been the target of Molotov cocktail and cinder block. The violence occurred in the city of la Grande-Borne, a horse in the municipalities of Viry-Châtillon and Grigny. A deputy of security, a 28-year-old, was severely burned. He was placed in an induced coma, and his prognosis is still committed today. However, there is more under respiratory assistance. The other two agents, present in a second car during the attack, have been less severely affected.

This event has been the starting point of the challenge to the police. Dozens of police cars disrupted traffic on the avenue des Champs-Elysées on the night of Monday to Tuesday. 500 police officers from all over the Ile-de-France, had taken part in this event, part of the Saint-Louis hospital. This is where the young man seriously wounded remains in hospital. This gathering had been put in place “without union organisation”. Since then, new events have taken place a bit everywhere in France, and the government tries to respond to the challenge. On Friday morning, the boss of the police, Jean-Marc Falcone said that he would make proposals “next week” the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve, in view of the launch in November of a plan to “public safety”. In the beginning of next week, François Hollande will receive the trade-union organizations of the profession.

” More than 500 police officers injured in the mission every month

The prosecutor of the Republic of Evry, said Friday that the investigation into this attack was entrusted to two judges of instruction. The survey was open for “attempted murder on the people agents of the public authority, committed by organized group” and “participation in a criminal association for the preparation of a crime”. For the moment, no arrest has taken place in this case.


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