Friday, October 21, 2016

Fifth night of protests police in the whole of France – Le Figaro

about 500 policemen angry have once again protested on Friday evening in Paris. They were several hundred scattered in several large French cities.

Advantage of the Essonne on Monday night, the protest of police officers erupted after an attack on the Molotov cocktail in this department on October 8, Viry-Châtillon, which has seriously injured two police officers. But the new signs given by the authorities to attempt to appease the anger of the civil servants who are demanding that more resources and consideration did not satisfy them.

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Nearly 500 police officers were still in the street this Friday night in Paris

In Paris this Friday evening, a half-thousand police officers are gathered to 21: 30 in front of the cathedral of Notre-Dame, not far from the prefecture of police. “The true claims are related to the way we carry out our business,” explains Christophe, 38 years, including 16 in the police and present at the event. Calling for “a reform of self-defence”, the brigadier who works in the department of Seine-et-Marne believes that it is important to “change the fear of side”. “All the cops in France are afraid of pull out their weapon”, is nervous there.

“We do not demand a license to kill, but the text is not adapted any more to the delinquency of today”, “did you know that the law is the same for a civilian as a police officer?”, notes Eric, brigadier chef of 47 years. Emilie, keeper of the peace for 25 years in Paris, demand to be “supported by the hierarchy”: “When one is injured on a intervention it is not heard”. Not claiming not unions – “it is poorly represented, the delegates don’t know the reality on the ground”- she wants to “reform the criminal”.

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Lille also, a demonstration took place in the afternoon, at which nearly 200 police officers were involved. At Orleans, according to the information of France Bleu Orleans, a hundred with angry police took to the streets tonight, just like in Toulouse. In Marseille, they were again more than 100 gathered on the steps of the courthouse, and we had about 150 at Grenoble.

the president of the Republic, François Hollande, had announced, on the night of Thursday 20 to Friday 21 October, that he would meet with the police unions in the “start of week” in order to initiate a dialogue to end the demonstrations.

“A plan for public safety dedicated police and gendarmes” will be announced in November

the minister of The Interior Bernard Cazeneuve had said they had responded to several claims by police since the beginning of the quinquennium. A consultation with the staff of the national police is expected to begin Monday in each department. A “plan for public safety dedicated police and gendarmes” is also planned in November.

the minister of Justice is committed to do its part to transmit to the trade union organizations, “the figures on the reality of the criminal justice response relating to persons vested with public authority”.

A half-dozen spontaneous movements have taken place since the 1980s, but this is the first time that the basic brand is a triple rupture with the executive, the police hierarchy and the representative organisations, moreover, divided.


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