Thursday, October 27, 2016

Business Veyrac: the mysteries surrounding the kidnapping of the millionaire – The Express

48 hours tied up in a utility white. After she was kidnapped on Monday in Nice, and then kidnapped, the millionaire Jacqueline Veyrac has been found safe and sound Wednesday. A happy ending, which, however, raises numerous questions on which the inquiry must address. Only one certainty: it has been released by a local resident intrigued by the registration plate is slightly dislocated from the vehicle.

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The point on this case is fantastic and “mysterious”, according to the confession even of the prosecutor of the Republic of Nice.

Who is behind this abduction?

“It is not obvious that the performers are the same as the sponsors. It is in this investigation that the sorting can be done,” said Wednesday night Jean-Michel Priest. The testimony of the millionaire, shocked but unscathed, could give clues to trace their trail.

Le Parisien said on Thursday that a man speaking in broken English would be called the son of the millionaire, two hours after the abduction. “You have problems, you will have to pay,” he reportedly said. This is the only contact that has been established with the people hiding behind the abduction.

How many people were arrested?

Several people have been arrested and placed in police custody. But difficult to confirm a precise number. BFMTV reference to four people, AFP seven and Nice-Matin eight… “at this stage, the certainty is that two men, aged in their thirties have been arrested,” says The Express, a police source.

It’s about two people whose “suspicious behaviour” at a time when Jacqueline Veyrac has been released has attracted the attention of the police. The two men have indeed fled. “But there was nothing to say for the moment whether or not they are involved in the case,” says our source. Their custody in this case of kidnapping and forcible confinement in the purpose of the meeting is to allow the verification of their potential role. The suspects are at risk ten years of prison.

Le Parisien also refers to the arrest of a photographer-paparazzi suspected of having participated in the monitoring of the rich owner of the Côte d’azur. She was followed and photographed for several weeks to know the schedule of her appointments, adds RTL.

Why has it been removed?

“it Remains to specify the objective: a ransom? To impress?”, questions Jean-Michel Priest. The question of motive is of course central. For the prosecutor, “there is something that still remains very personal relationship with the victim, it remains the strong hypothesis”, he said, excluding a one-kidnapping for ransom as it may exist in eastern Europe or in Latin America.

Jacqueline Veyrac, 76 years old, is with his son at the head of the Grand Hotel of Cannes, a luxury hotel on the Croisette, and the famous restaurant in Nice, La Reserve. Described as a united family Veyrac has never made a display of its impressive heritage, became the source of tensions and conflict around the legacy since the death in 2002 of the father. Jacqueline Veyrac had already failed to be removed in the same manner near her home in 2013, but no formal link between these two cases has not yet been established.

“there are a lot of assumptions, no door is closed to understand what could push these people to remove this lady to get the money”, concludes AFP a source close to the case.


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