Sunday, October 23, 2016

Créteil. Cazeneuve has met with two police officers protest – West-France

The two officials, a man and a woman in a position in the Essonne, is rendered at the office of this commune in the south-east of Paris, to meet with the minister, who was received, indicated to the AFP, without further explanation, a police source, confirming information of BFMTV.

Mr. Cazeneuve, ” initiated a dialogue with us. He assured us that this dialogue would continue “, said the police in an interview with his colleague at BFMTV, face to face.

The police officer, who is said to speak ” by (his) name “, estimated that he did not see ” the interest of continuing the engagement, since the goal was to be heard and to enable a representation of the police officers, outside the unions, to be received “, by the minister.

No identified leader

After these statements, on the social networks of other police officers angry split of the two officials received by M. Cazeneuve, objecting in particular to the suspension of the mobilization.

Since the beginning of the fronde, came to the base and extending beyond the unions, there is no spokesperson or identified leader of the movement, the participants in the demonstrations expressed under cover of anonymity, by giving false names.

The minister of the Interior, is reported in two police stations, including the one in Créteil, where he met some fifty police officers during two and a half hours.

This meeting with the two protest comes as the government has been engaged for a week to ease the movement of growling police, who are claiming more manpower and material resources, and severe penalties for their attackers.

The sling has started on the 17th of October in the paris region, with a spectacular evening demonstration on the Champs-Élysées, police, enraged by the attack on the Molotov cocktail of four of their colleagues, the 8th of October at Viry-Châtillon (Essonne).

François Hollande, will receive the unions

braving the duty of reserve, the movement then spread in many cities, with rallies daily from a few dozen to several hundred police according to the cities.

on Saturday night, a few hundred of them marched for the sixth time in the week to Paris. Rallies were also held in Strasbourg and Nancy.

police have promised to continue their standoff with the government and their hierarchy, encouraged by a mobilization that tend to channel the trade unions, whose representatives must be received Wednesday by president François Hollande.


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