Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Grumbling police : measures to calm the anger – The Point

The growling continues and the government tries to defuse the conflict. On Wednesday, unions have met with the president of the Republic. The minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve announced that “an extra effort”, stating that the government had “sense of urgency” in responding to the demands of the forces of law and order. “An extra effort is required today (…) we will do this in the dialog and the exact sense of urgency,” said the minister, announcing a “global budget of 250 million” allocated to the equipment, after a meeting of the president of the Republic at the Elysée with the police unions.

“companies departmental response companies and security” will helmets, ballistic vests, bullet-proof door-plates and assault rifles HK G36. The minister has also promised “from the 1 January 2017″ the delivery, among other things, of 20 000 bulletproof vests, 8000 helmets and visors, 4 730 shields and new weapons. He also mentioned the deployment of the “required fire resistant”, the strengthening of the glazing of the unmarked vehicles and screen printed, and “vehicles specifically protected” in the “area sensitive”. Finally, the renewal of the fleet “will of course continue”: “In 2017, what are 3.080 new vehicles that will be delivered to the national police and 3 300 for the gendarmerie,” said Bernard Cazeneuve.

severe punishment

The government also aims to “toughen sanctions” for “outrages” against the forces of law and order in aligning the sentence to punishment for contempt of court. She is currently six months of imprisonment for contempt to the agents agents of the public authority, against a year to the magistrates. Measures to protect the anonymity of police will be strengthened, “in the proceedings that the warrant” but also to “certain actions” in which the police can take a hood.

“This legitimate demand was expressed by the police unions, particularly after the dastardly assassination terrorist of Magnanville in June last, and I fully agree”, said the minister. “All these measures will be presented before the Parliament at the end of the month of November,” said Bernard Cazeneuve. The movement of anger of the “Blue” started on 17 October, a few days after the attack at Molotov cocktail at Viry-Châtillon (Essonne), in which four police officers were injured, including two seriously.

The positive

The police unions have welcomed the announcements as “important”. “Satisfied, the term is not there. There have been important announcements this evening,” commented Yves Lefebvre, the general secretary of the union Unit SGP Police, calling them “very strong” measures that concern the “protection police” and “the tasks undue”. On the other hand, “remains outstanding for our organization, the issue of meritocracy, of the policy of the digit in the national police”, he added.

“It is positive in the ads, now it’s going to take it occurs very quickly on the ground for the dissatisfaction in a legitimate police expressed constantly,” said Jean-Marc Bailleul, the secretary-general, CFDT and its component fonts. “The advances are important, significant, we expect obviously that, very quickly, they are implemented”, has ushered Jean-Claude Delage, secretary general of Alliance national Police, emphasizing “an important step” on the defence of self-defence or “anonymization”.


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