Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Paris city council will privatize the management of parking spaces – The Parisian

Awhen that folder was in discussion for several months, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, announced on Sunday in the JDD that the management of 140 000 places of paid parking in the area would be entrusted to external service providers from 1 January 2018.

The goal ? A better recovery of fines and the reallocation of several hundreds of municipal officials on “priority tasks”, such as the fight against anti-social behaviour or the control of the traffic in the bus lanes or the parking lot annoying.

According to Anne Hidalgo, 91% of motorists in Paris “don’t put money in the parking meter”, which is a shortfall of 300 million euros, the equivalent of the annual cost of operation of all the nurseries of paris!”, she says in the JDD.

No increase in fines provided

in Concrete terms, this market of parking spaces will be the subject of a call for tender in 2017. It will be “divided into three lots geographic, which each represent around 50 000 places parking charges”, she added, noting that the “manager may not win more than two lots” to “avoid a monopoly situation.”

This initiative is possible thanks to the law Maptam of January 2014 on the modernisation of territorial public action, which allows the State to transfer the benefit of the territorial communities of skills such as fines. “The City will retain full control of its parking policy: it is she who will fix the rates,” and “who will benefit from the revenue of the parking lot”, has detailed the mayor of the capital by promising that the amount of fines will not be revised upwards to this date.

For the town hall, this will also allow you to recover in the bosom of the city’s 1,600 security officers Paris (ASP), today responsible for the control of parking. They will be “assigned to the missions priority : the fight against antisocial behaviour, pollution, monitoring of municipal buildings, control of our policy of travel, and inconvenient parking,” says Anne Hidalgo.

in The month of August, the municipal opposition of the right, which ruled that the privatisation is valid only under one condition : “If the ASP built-in by the City to become a municipal police force armed to the reinforced powers. Otherwise, you might as well keep the current system “, were estimated by Philippe Goujon, deputy mayor (LR) of the Fifteenth.

The motorists, themselves, will perhaps make gray mine. The agents of the private sector, who will no doubt be paid to the performance, risk of rain the fines. In addition, “service providers will also have the task of modernizing the control practices, which already exist in other cities, in particular using digital means automated.” Soon cameras to penalise motorists without parking tickets ?

The price of parking in Paris

- 4 €/hour. The fare in the first eleven boroughs. In the other nine, located on the periphery, the price per hour is € 2.40. Prior to January 1, 2015, the rates ranged from 3,60 € in the centre at 1.20 € in the outskirts.

- 45 €. The price of a map of residential parking valid for one year. Until 2014, she was free. The holders pay then € 1.50 per day for parking around their homes, or 9 € per week, compared to 0.65 and € 3,25 € before.

- 240 €. The annual price of a parking card for craftsmen and traders.


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